Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Let's talk about this, shall we?

If you're blocked from viewing twitter, here's the gist of the tweet:

I recently learned a girl who bullied me horridly from Gr 7-10 is 'enjoying a career as a LIFE & fitness COACH'. The most traumatic thing she did was put posters up in my neighbourhood with my pic & HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PIG? & tel # on them.
We meet next week for a consultation.


Skin Man said...

I have no advice. Only empathy. I hope you find peace. You are better than her.

Anonymous said...

I hope whatever you decide to do brings you much needed closure!

Sylv said...

Skin Man said what I was thinking. Here's to hoping that she developed into a truly caring, emphatic person and coach, and will take this opportunity to sincerely apologize.

Anonymous said...

Not sure who to attribute this quote to, but it seems entirely appropriate here:

"The best revenge is a life well lived"

Live well C.J.

Bob Loblaw said...

Hi CJ. Sorry to hear this happened. My advice: If you decide to go into this I would be clear about what you want to achieve. Set low expectations. She may still be a witch. She might lash out, either in denial or because she is still a witch. Protect yourself. Start with a personal reach out in writing. If she doesn't write back then you know where she's at (i.e, denial or indifference). If she replies you can assess and gauge your approach accordingly. There's obviously a story on her side. What would drive someone to be so mean? She must have had quite the motivation (and it was NOTHING to do with you). I don't believe people are inherently evil there is usually something that drives nasty behaviour, Be prepared for the fact that she may not have resolved her issues. I doubt she is truly happy. Social Media can paint a rosy picture. Good luck!

C.J. Smith said...

Hi Bob

I spent most of my teenage years trying to figure out why she targeted me. She was older so we weren't in the same grade but she was in my Brownies troop. We didn't have the same friends but we lived in the same neighbourhood. Her family was also more well off than mine. After grade 8, I had no idea where she went to high school (Toronto is a big city) so you can imagine my surprise when 2 weeks into grade 9, I noticed her one day in the hall. The bullying got worse when she realized we were at the same high school. The only working theory I have is that perhaps, in grade school, maybe I did something or said something to a friend of hers... or maybe I was friends with a boy she liked. Girls usually need a very frivolous reason to pick on someone. I did ask her once why she couldn't leave me alone and she responded that it was fun to make me miserable. So yes, now as adults, I really do want to know why she did what she did. You know, to get the "other side" of this story.

Daphne said...

Hope that it will get you some closure, CJ.

It's Me said...

Unfortunately most people have unpleasant childhood memories of being bullied whether you choose to deal with it yourself, or seek therapy it’s best to make the decision for yourself. But as an adult with the family you should be able to move past bad memories and look forward.

One armed jedi said...

Bullies are dangerous and quite often become sex offenders and rapists. So it's important to put a stop to it.
However, you stated that this alleged bully is now a life and fitness coach. That's just a synonym for unemployed loser.
Your blog, on the other hand, is visited by hundreds of thousands of public transit users.
So just let it go. You've beaten this alleged bully. Most bullies are such because they realize that high school is the highest level they'll ever reach, because there are no entrance requirements for a secondary education.
So I strongly recommend you NOT engage this alleged bully. Because at this point, you are at the risk of becoming a bully yourself.

leanne said...

I'd say good for you for having the courage to approach her and ask her about it. I've seen via your blog how you don't back down from confrontation (possibly as a result of being bullied as a child??)
Just prepare yourself for a number of different outcomes. Best of luck to you!