Thursday, July 5, 2018

When passengers get salty on the GO train (I love it)

Packed train this morning as most trains are that leave Oshawa before 7:15am. As my train started to near Union Station, this woman sitting on the stairs had her sunglasses knocked off her head by a woman attempting to CLIMB OVER HER so she could stand by the doors.

It got ugly super fast. Hey, if I were the woman on the stairs, I would have also been justifiably pissed. She got up, grabbed her glasses off the floor and laid into the woman who attempted to climb over her, telling her "we still had another 10 minutes before we pull  in" (true, we always idle just west of the DVP) and that she could "use her words" and excuse herself, or ask that she move.

Don't be a dick, folks.


Skin Man said...

Sorry for the long response - here we go.

I had a douche yesterday on the LSW 6:33 from Aldershot that had gotten on in Hamilton with his bike. He was sitting in the middle seat, a bag with shoes or boots on one seat beside him and a back pack on the other seat with his bike barricading him in.

I always sit on the seat near the doors for an easy exit at Union, so I ask him to move so I can sit on the seat with the boots. Which he happily agrees to! I'm impressed! As I sit down the conversation goes like this:

Me:I'm surprised that he was allowed on the train as bikes are not allowed on express trains.
Bike Guy: How will I get to work?
M:Where do you work?
BG: Somewhere near Appleby or Bronte (It wasn't clear what he said)
M: Well, you could use buses.
BG: But that would take with 1.5 hours.
M: My commute takes 1.5 hours.
BG:.... crickets....

So that I could sit down he's moved his bike over blocking the stairs. We get to Burlington. People understandably ask him to move it so they can go up so rolls the front wheel over my shoes and into my leg, (wearing a suit btw).
M: hey - get off!
BG: Half yelling - "You must be from Durham! There are hundreds of seats and you want the one beside me."
M: this is a rush hour train. EVERY seat will be taken by oakville and by Clarkson it will be standing room only....this is why bikes aren't allowed.
BG: you must be from Oshawa, (or Ajax...some town/city in Durham), you're a goof. (This was repeated over and over as he moved his bike down the train.)

I'm not sure what happened to him after that. Probably pissed off everyone between Burlington and where ever he got off taking up the space that 6 people would use and occupying seats that others look forward to getting. I've rationalized it in my mind that it is fair that first on the train get the plum seats as they have to start their day at least 30 - 40 minutes earlier than the last people on the train. So getting a good seat is small compensation. The entitlement is strong with this one.

I did a reasonably good job keeping his cool, didn't swear so I will give him some marks....but where the hell are the CSA's and why are they letting these people on....They open their door first and look up and down the Hamilton seeing this guy is so easy. Tell him using the PA he can't bring his bike on the train and if he does close the doors and kick him off at the next stop. It's summer...this must happen with some regularity. Are ticket sellers seeing them enter the building with these bikes? stop them and tell them no bikes on rush hour trains.

I was lucky he was relatively civilized. If the answer is we don't have time or manpower to deal with these issues...then get rid of the bloody rules! Of course the outcome is...THAT's NOT ACCEPTABLE. So figure out a way to enforce them GO!

Rant Over - still pissed.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

People are always "in the way" it seems.

Chances are if that other woman did try to say "Excuse me" the one sitting on the steps would not only probably not hear her (headphones? ear buds?), but would probably continue sitting there, taking up the entire width of the staircase.

It's not all that hard to "get impatient with this world".

Bicky said...

Well, one is not supposed to sit on the stairs. It's a safety hazard. *in CSA voice* Keep the aisles and stairwells clear. Thank you for your cooperation.

I get that the train is packed and people want to sit. But blocking the stairs is only asking for trouble.

It's Me said...

Then they need to add MORE seating. I’m not boarding train and standing for an hour. If i want to sit on the stairs you’re damn right I’m gonna. I paid my fare.
The CSA’s and GO enforcement officers don’t do anything anyway. Don’t enforce bad parking, Don’t enforce the Quiet Zone, Don’t enforce no smoking o GO property.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

To "It's Me":
Yes, those in charge are so inept and slack about meeting their obligations that oftentimes the citizens or recipients have to practically give them a helping hand, point out their oversights, what they're missing, "remind" them of rules they're not dutifully enforcing
...yet those in charge still get to maintain full power and control over us and our surroundings.

Anonymous said...

For those saying it’s a safety hazard to sit on the stairs, it’s even more of a hazard to walk down the stairs while the train is moving. Sudden stops, especially while pulling into stations can send you flying. So many times, I have paused at the top of the stairs to make sure I have my balance on a moving train and people push past to fet down the stairs faster. Just waiting a few seconds longer for the train to come to a full stop won’t kill you. A tumble down just might!

It's Me said...

Anyone else stuck on the LSW line today (16Jul2018?) trying to get home?
Standing room only and no updates.......
Why'd train even leave Union Station? We're just sitting here..................

This is ridiculous

Begin forwarded message:

From: GO Transit
Subject: Union Station 18:50 - Kitchener GO 20:57 train expected delayed
Date: July 16, 2018 at 7:00:18 PM EDT

Union Station 18:50 - Kitchener GO 20:57 train is expected to be delayed 60 minutes from Union because of an ongoing signal issue.

A GO Transit service

Anonymous said...

Don't sit in the stairwell. It's actually illegal. Can result in immediate expulsion (similar to putting your feet on the chairs)