Saturday, November 12, 2022

A note about commenting

Hi there. Thanks for visiting. I suspect you wound up here from Twitter. Welcome!

For the time being, while I get back into this, comments will be moderated. I use a script I wrote to filter comments. Those that pass my parameters are posted. Those that don't, I get to later. 

In the past, this used to piss people off. Somethin' somethin' free speech. Sure. However, that's not true. There is no "free speech" on my blog. Just like I won't indulge in hate speech in my writing, I won't indulge it in comments.

Name-calling, fat shaming, invoking anything about the freedom convoy (are we STILL doing this?) and just being outright racist gets you instantly trashed. Also, this isn't court. Writing me an email to complain about your comment not being published and defending why it should be will be sent right to spam.

Truth be told, this doesn't happen a lot. I welcome all kinds of opinions and I encourage you to share them. 


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