Tuesday, November 15, 2022


People who use the toilet on the GO train but then don't close the door after they leave are the worst. No one wants to stare at a toilet during the train ride. And yes, I'll get up and close it.


CJ Smith said...

I've been on this train for only 20 minutes and three people have used this washroom and all three did not close the door when they exited. Now we all have the pleasure of smelling what the last person accomplished and watching the door slide back and forth as the train sways. I did my duty and closed it the first time. People suck.

CJ Smith said...

Update for this following along. Another passenger got up and closed the door. Amazing.

Ed said...

I saw a bunch on the way back from a Leafs game trash the bathrooms on ever car by emptying all the toilet paper into the bowl and leaving the water running. They thought it was fun.