Friday, November 11, 2022

It is time.

Sadly, my love affair with Twitter has come to an end. 

I know that so many people feel the same.

This is why I have decided to return to blogging about transit, specifically GO Transit.

If you're feeling lost about social media like I am (I don't have a facebook or instagram account) and although TikTok fills the void for needing something to mindlessly scroll through, it doesn't have that sense of community many of us felt we had established on Twitter and how we interacted with our followers.

I get it. I loved old Twitter. I will miss it. Kinda like how this person is probably going to miss this sandwich at lunchtime today.


Nora said...

I'm trying very hard to imagine the circumstance that made this person say, "I'll just take my brought-from-home sandwich, unwrap it (presumably) and shove it down the side of this seat on public transit" but, despite exposure to any number of clearly bizarre people on SM over the past 3 years, I just can't.

Bravo for spotting it, I guess? LOL

Bob Neufeld said...

As a semi-retired, work from home consultant, I’m eager to see and hear your views on the commuter life during the time of COVID-19. Go CJ!

Super GO user said...

Hi Cindy!
I work at Metrolinx and I can't speak for others but I loved your blog! I'm glad this is happening.

Anonymous said...

you do know that twitter isn't an airport and you don't need to announce your departure, right?

Bowmanvillain said...

I am so glad to see this brought back to life! Looking forward to following along. :)

CJ Smith said...

Re: Anonymous said...
you do know that twitter isn't an airport and you don't need to announce your departure, right?

This is the second comment like this since I posted the blog announcement on Twitter. I get that many people like this response but it's not original and it's irrelevant to the situation.

Posting so that others realize how unoriginal you are.

Drew said...

Looks like someone was forced to take a sandwich, and this is the IDK where it got to. Much like the whole bag/sealed of chinese takeout I found in Pripyat (Go Train Ajax Stairwell) last month.

Michael Suddard said...

Glad to have you back.

Will miss your witty banter on the Twitters.

Looking forward to more tales from the rails!

Retired driver said...

I heard from some of the guys on the line at the Oshawa Go that you showed up Wednesday.... some of them follow you on twitter and one knows the car you drive so he knew who it was. and you showed all kinds of love. Thank you for being you CJ. Like everyone else, I'm happy to see you're willing to do this again and for free!!!!!!! Make sure to take time for yourself.

Ed said...

Well I'm glad this is back because I'm not exposed to any of it but I love hearing about it. in my time at GO, I saw the worst and the best of transit riders. Nobody ever records a good deed of course.

It makes less possibility to be exposed to Karen types whereas I saw them weekly before, male and female. Super loud one sided conversations? Gone. Arguments with TEOs? not any longer. Sabotaging trains by pulling emergency cords? Not on my time anymore. Yes that actually happened right outside Union one afternoon when someone saw their friend miss a train. That girl thought it was OK, but the police begged to differ.
And my favorite bad rider, the one who tried to park his bike in rush hour in the aisle. He threatened anyone who touched his bike on a packed train. Did not go over well either and the TEOs removed him. lawsuits were coming he hollered.
But then I will not forget riding on the train with my 92 year old FIL on the way to Warriors day. These guys demanded he get off the seat and leave because he was sitting on the ground floor on the end seats with me, the wife and my MIL. No other seats available. They wanted to park their bikes and pressed the yellow strip after threatening the old man. TEOs again took a dim view of that.

Welcome back where I can rant with impunity! Not about GO of course.