Friday, November 2, 2012

Holy Fred on a Banana! Have none of you ever seen free food before?

So the folks at Liberté decided to give away flats of yogourt this morning inside the GO Concourse at Union Station.
I was so  appalled by the Black Friday mob mentality, I began loudly calling several donkeys out for their behaviour.
Where the hell are some of your manners?! You people are adults. It's yogourt. It's not lactose-covered gold. One girl shelling out the yogourt actually looked terrified, and with good reason.
Pushing, shoving, charging, running and jumping - hundreds of people. All for free food. And what ever happened to "Please" and "Thank you"?
I bet some of you are the first to chastize your own children for rotten behaviour but forgot to look in the mirror this morning.

Anyhow, I scored a flat of 4. I owe my BFF for this as she's 8 foot 11 (Or something like that. Bitch is tall.) and could tower over the donkeys and grab me one from the top of the racks.

Some of you owe those Liberté people an apology.


Dib said...

The way people were behaving, I thought they had to be giving away at least $100 bills!

Haven't seen behaviour like that since the glove sale at Sears last year - wow! It was yogourt? Sorry, but blech. Now if it had been muffins, get outta my way.

Todd said...

Glad I missed that. They were giving them out at Whitby yesturday. Much smaller crowd.

Bicky said...

I didn't get one yesterday in Whitby (too lazy to head over where they were). Got one today at Union. The crowd at 6:50am wasn't quite so bullish, it was actually civilised. But the bigger question... is it any good? ;o)

ExGOnowTTC said...

I love those giveaways. It's a great chance to watch the human locusts push each other out of the way like they're all charging for the last lifeboat on the Titanic. Chlorine time for the gene pool!

C.J. Smith said...

I have to say, it's very tasty yogourt

Mark H said...

Offer anything free and people get insanely aggressive about it...I'm no small guy, but some lady body checked me a few months ago so she could get a sample pack of Motrin.

deepfish said...

For all the smoking donkeys at Oakville, there was no rush at all on the yogurt the other day. I guess the crowd, as it funnels into Union, concentrates the donkey behaviour. You get the sum of all their rudeness.

Anonymous said...

You ain't (haven't)seen nothing (anything)yet. Just wait till high prices and food shortages hit this city. Then you will see real animal behavior. This is just a preclude.


stef said...

I got some in Whitby... it was disgusting. LOL I ended up getting a bag of 3 4 packs.... and gave them all to my coworkers... yep still not a yogurt person.