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Some mornings I feel the same when I get out of Union and swim upstream to work

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How I feel Metrolinx works with GO Transit right now (watch the cat in the middle)

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Why public transit is always interesting Reason #414

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Don't forget to file service guarantee claims LSE peeps!

[Update: the signals on this line near Whitby have malfunctioned again, all service eastbound is significantly delayed @ 10:15 am]

Especially today so you get that $1.23 back (seeing as for daily Presto users, it's close to the free period since it's month-end).

So what happened?

As is the norm with the Metrolinx social media team, all I heard was crickets so I went after the PR spokeswoman, who I hope, doesn't think I'm a pain in the ass but despite my insecurities, always makes it a point to address any concerns I have and that is duly noted.

This was day three of signal malfunctions that halted all eastbound GO train traffic from Whitby to Oshawa and held up westbound trains, and yesterday, put westbound trains out of service. I heard the bus ride from Oshawa to Ajax was an adventure, and I'm so sorry passengers were subjected to so much confusion about which bus to take. I'm trying to understand what happened myself.

I find it interesting that GO Transit and Metrolinx have these massive (and well staffed) logistic departments but can't seem to get it together with their communication teams, which leads me to this morning. Passengers were exasperated. We were told in an email alert that all trains westbound from Oshawa (7:28/7:53) were cancelled and would be replaced with buses, but then received text alerts that said trains were running, but delayed.

The signals were restored rather quickly actually, within 20-25 minutes of the malfunction occurring, and we were all emailed the apology I recommended. What I didn't get was an answer for why the signals failed three days in a row, all around the same time, and what measures are being put in place to address this for tomorrow?

Despite the emails we received yesterday that this issue was resolved, clearly it wasn't.

What's frustrating is despite the millions of dollars in fare we spend a month, we are often ignored when we ask what impacted our trip into work.

Telling bosses, colleagues, clients and students the train was late for three days in a row can threaten job security. Don't believe me? True story: I wasn't hired for a position with a large bank despite interviewing well because I lived in Oshawa at the time. The senior supervisor had been told that GO Transit was unreliable into Union from Oshawa and the concern was I couldn't be counted on to make it into work on time, especially in the winter.

Chew on that for a bit, Metrolinx. Don't kid yourselves that all that's ever compromised for your customers is time.

Time to freshen up that yellow line?

This passenger seems to have trouble seeing it at Erindale. It being #RSW2015 and all.


But seriously, we're adults, we don't need to be babysat about what's safe behaviour on platforms.

Don't do this.

High speed trains pass by at anytime... You know the rest. Add some noise cancelling headphones into the mix and well...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rolling along like this be my restaurant, y'all!

Is this your favourite? Because it's my favourite

Metrolinx Statement on Fatality at Union Station

TORONTOApril 29, 2015 /CNW/ - Today, Metrolinx President and CEO Bruce McCuaig and GO President Greg Percy issued the following statements regarding last night's fatality at Union Station:
"On behalf of everyone here at Metrolinx, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest sympathies over this tragic incident. I cannot stress how saddened we are.
Our hearts go out to the individual's loved ones during this very difficult time, as well as the passengers and staff who have been impacted.
I also want to say to the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on GO Transit that their safety is our number one priority and our commitment to their well-being is unwavering."
– Bruce McCuaig, President and CEO of Metrolinx
"At approximately 5:35 p.m. yesterday evening, there was a fatal incident at Union Station involving a man on a platform and one of our GO Trains bound for Barrie.
An initial investigation by the Toronto Police Service suggests that the man's bag became caught on the train as it was leaving the station. Their investigating is ongoing and, as a result, we are not in a position to provide further details. We will continue to cooperate fully in the investigation.
As always, our first and foremost concern is the safety of our passengers.  During Rail Safety Week, this is a solemn reminder for all of us to continue to place safety at the very top of our priorities. Whatever the cause of this incident, we urge every passenger to value their own safety as much as we do – always stay behind the yellow line, stay alert, and be mindful of your surroundings.
We are extremely saddened by this tragic event, and all our thoughts and prayers are with the individual's family and friends at this time."

– Greg Percy, President of GO Transit
SOURCE Metrolinx

Someone missed his stop?

Thanks for the vagueness

From: GO Transit
Today at 9:57 AM

Lakeshore East Passengers: The signal malfunction east of Whitby causing the delays to your commute this morning has been resolved. All trains will now operate as scheduled. Thank you for your patience, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

A GO Transit service
Please click here for up-to-date service information.
Please unsubscribe me.
Please do not reply to this email.
This is an outgoing message only.

So many questions ...

Oshawa GO attendants shouted announcements it was a switch problem.

GO blasted out text alerts it was a signal malfunction.

I swear. I'm still convinced all of this is made up because someone was late for work and didn't do their job. Such as turn on a button.

I want pictures of the broken doo-hookey and how do we know the problem is truly resolved?

At least our CSA made an announcement to check the website to see if our morning trips were eligible for the Service Guarantee.

Remember this?

Yeah, I haven't forgotten.

Seriously though, fill out a claim. Someone has to spin the wheel.

It's May soon. You know what that means ...

Whoever pulled this off was incredibly thorough (note the spray foam)

That's a brick wall where the subway train door is supposed to be. This was done on a subway in Hamburg some time on Monday night and these images are making their way around social media.


Google translate says:

Unknown who bricked the front door of a suburban train wagon in Hamburg. The driver saw the barricade on Tuesday afternoon, after he had already driven a tour to Blankenese and returned to Altona. The ride was then stopped, and all the passengers had to get out.

The Federal Police has taken up the investigation. As it said in a statement,  stones were joined together with an adhesive and glued to the door panel in the door area .

That was not fun, said a spokeswoman for the S-Bahn. The damage amounts to tens of thousands of euros. Should an offender be determined, you'll definitely incur charges.

Man killed after being dragged underneath GO train

Toronto Police sources say a video obtained by investigators shows a man in his 30s coming into contact with a passing GO train as it was leaving Union Station where his backpack or article of clothing became tangled [with equipment, or snagged, by the locomotive] and dragged him underneath the train.

“The time [of the incident] would put it right in the key rush hour period, so you can expect that there is a large number of individuals on the platform. However cause … of the collision hasn’t been determined as of yet,” Const. Clint Stibbe told the Toronto Star in an interview published Wednesday.

The incident happened shortly after 5:30 pm. People on scene claim passengers who began to arrive for the 6:05 pm Barrie train were told to go to Platform 24. Passengers already on the platform told they witnessed EMS attending the victim. GO Transit is advising those who were affected by this incident to contact them at (416) 869-3200. Counselling may be available to you.

The victim, who has not been identified, was a GO Transit passenger and the train involved was heading to Barrie. The personnel on the train were unaware a passenger had been struck. After the incident, which occurred on Platform 11, all train service on Platforms 11 and 12 were halted so police could begin their investigation.

Metrolinx spokeswoman Anne Marie Aikins also told the Toronto Star, “Sometimes people, when they’re in a rush … when they want to get home or when they want to get to work, sometimes they take short cuts and don’t follow all the rules.”

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tragedy at Union Station tonight results in GO passenger's death

At this time (9:08 pm), I have no further details and know no more than what the media outlets know (or what you may know) despite contacting every contact I've made in the past five years, and being contacted by everyone who has known me for the past five years.

The investigation is ongoing. The only info I got with any details about what triggered the fatality is that the victim was allegedly "clipped" by the Barrie train as noted on Twitter. The man was on Platform 11/12 which services the Barrie corridor and the train was leaving the station. The incident halted all trains after the 5:35 pm train and several other westbound trains. Police won't confirm if the passenger suffered any kind of medical episode before he was struck.
My thoughts are with this man's family. This is indeed a terrible tragedy.

I have found the worst seats ever

I'll admit, I haven't ridden this style of coach much. And when I have, it's been downstairs. I thought the vinyl was bad, but up on the second level, there's a section of quads where the leg room is non-existent.

Because of this morning's malfunctioning trains that affected service to and from Oshawa, seats filled up quickly on the 7:15 and I was forced into the "intimate lounge". Thankfully a woman of a smaller stature sat across from me, but it was extremely cozy the next quad over.

Knees between the legs, anyone?

Spotted: brokeback rider - a rare breed of GO Transit passenger but the worst


Yesss! All of this! (Photo gallery; click "next" below pic to advance)

Most of them are not even sorry..

I felt validated when I read this because I honestly don't know what I'd do without my work bestie

But not just my work bestie (KT whose husband reads this site), but all the people I work with who I vent to, laugh with, and socialize with. Oh my god, I'd go insane without them.

Monday, April 27, 2015

High winds due to severe thunderstorm cause rail cars to fly off bridge in New Orleans

happened during a severe thunderstorm this morning

What? There's video? No way! Yes way!

Can you make the grade?

Be sure to visit all your GO Transit Safety Officers who will be onsite at several GO stations this week educating the public about rail safety. 

I speak from experience when I say it's worth chatting them men and women up. All of them care a great deal about us and our safety, and not just off the train, but on the train, too.

For more information about Operation Lifesaver, visit

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Accusations that I didn't care were very hurtful

As much I put on a front that I wasn't really bothered by readers' accusations that I only care about transit issues that affect me directly, my skin really isn't that thick. Trolls are a different story all together and my battles with them frustrate me to no end. The daily onslaught of written verbal abuse of having three to four strangers constantly write mean things to me really punches the 10 year old me in the gut. I hit delete and move on, but the daily written abuse of asking me if my kid is still retarded or if my cat is still dead doesn't disappear as quickly from my mind as the words do from cyberspace. But that's what happens when you get personal online. I am mindful about oversharing on here (that's what Facebook is for) but there are people, unfortunately, who take personal things and then use them to hurt you.

Anyway, sorry for going off the rails there, I took some time today to reach out to people on Twitter, who I said I would contact again after it had been over a week, to follow up on their platform rage.

As I suspected, the storm has passed. Several admitted it's improved/back to normal and one still refuses to admit she completely overreacted. It's okay. I overreact, too, and it's embarrassing to admit you may have jumped the gun just a little by insisting someone was going to die because trains were moved to other platforms (no, I will never let that go, ever).

Right now I'm looking into a case involving the Barrie trains, I've been alerted that the 4:40 pm and 5:05 pm trains arrive at stations late. In the past, I've been told it's due to freight traffic, and I will tell you that I believe freight trumps people. But this is an assumption I've made based on personal research. I'm waiting to hear if it's fact. If you're a Barrie passenger who rides either of these two trains, I'd like to hear from you!

When I see this, I feel like I just saw Polkaroo

The TTC is an alleged transit desert - still better service than living out in Durham Region

Amid the storied history of horrific Toronto transit tales, there is the experience of Asmait Abraham and her 12-year-old son Simon.
On a frigid morning in February, Abraham left Simon waiting for the 59 Maple Leaf bus to take him to school. He waited and waited, but unbeknownst to him bus service had been disrupted. For two hours Simon stood in the cold with a crowd of other passengers, Abraham says. When he finally got to school he collapsed. She says his feet had turned blue.
Simon recovered, but his ordeal is only an extreme example of a common hardship faced by residents in many parts of Toronto. Abraham, who lives near Weston and Lawrence, spends a lot of time waiting for transit. It takes her three buses and a subway ride to get to her adult education class each morning, and two buses to get to the grocery store. The service is supposed to be frequent, but it isn’t always. “When they come, they come two, three, four buses together. If you miss them, you have to wait I don’t know how long,” she said.

York Concourse! It's so pretty. Unfortunately, I wasn't invited to the media tour (I wouldn't have been able to go anyway)

Take notes my GO train friends because what you see here will be happening on the Bay Street side after this summer.

The days of the Bay Concourse looking like one giant washroom or a warehouse only Dexter would love are numbered.

Friday, April 24, 2015

GO Transit security doesn't want you to know they're there ... so can you get in the car please and sneak up on some smokers?

Park how I want to at Maple GO station

May we offer some love advice? "We" as in your fellow GO bus passengers

I worked late last night and as a result, took a later bus home. I quite enjoy rolling through Oshawa after 8 pm because it's a unique cast of characters that make their appearance known in that city.

Meet Bob. I don't know his real name but he looked like a Bob. Bob boarded the bus at the Oshawa Centre and sat right next to me, iPhone glued to his ear and a pained expression on his face. Clearly the conversation he was having was not about which spatula to get at Walmart (the conversations I have with my husband).

Because he had the volume cranked, I could hear Melissa, too. Bob made it very clear who he was talking to as he used her name a lot but I'll call her "Melissa". Melissa sounded very angry.

Melissa was upset that Bob has friended a female neighbour on Facebook and not in a way to post recipes about low fat muffins on each other's wall,  or to muse about the weather such as, "Are you enjoying today's "Sprinter" weather?". Melissa believes Hilary is seducing Bob.

Trust me when I say this was not a conversation to be having on a bus. Melissa was rhyming off all the times Bob has been in her garage for service and emphatically reminded him that these inspections have always included an incredible amount of lube, oil & filter.

My ears were burning. I mean, seriously, they were on fire.

I stared out the window as Bob tried to explain he was not attracted to Hilary and he just feels sorry for her because she's a single mother and he didn't want to appear rude.

Melissa wasn't buying it. She fired off a bunch of questions: How did she find you? She needs to know your last name and Superkalifrikiousahmodisish (thats what his last name sounded like) isn't easy to spell. Doesn't she need to know your email address? Why are you lying to me? Why are you hurting me like this? What have I ever done to you? Why do you need her on Facebook? You already have friends! You have me! You don't need her on Facebook!

Bob then got super mad and started shouting. The bus got real quiet. Everyone (all 11 of us) were holding our breath.

Bob started to do something you should never do, and I mean ever, when someone is clearly demonstrating major insecurity issues. He started to list every single thing wrong with Melissa.

Melissa hung up.

Bob was in a rage. He called her back and left an awful voice mail.

Then he threw his phone. On the bus.

A woman sitting where it landed stared at it for a few seconds and then got up to pick it up and brought it back to him.

He took it from her and nodded.

Bob got off four stops before mine. You could actually feel the atmosphere change after he left.

The lady who retrieved his phone and I had a lot to say about Bob. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish our analysis because I had to get off at my stop, but the consensus was that Bob owed Melissa an apology and Melissa needs to address why Bob friending a neighbour on Facebook makes her feel tossed aside.

I would have loved to have heard the driver's take on it.

I can only imagine the stuff GO bus drivers hear.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The GO Transit Lost & Found office is moving - to the place where unicorns roam free

***Effective Monday April 27, 2015, the Lost & Found will be located in the new York Concourse.
The new address will be 35 York Street, Toronto, ON, M5J 0C7.
To ensure a smooth transition to the new location, the Lost and Found Office will be closed for business on Saturday & Sunday April 25th and 26th.***

These guys rained on my parade when they introduced an email address about a year ago. I used to get contacted ALL THE TIME from people who thought I was magic and could summon their lost objects from any train, at any time. But for the past year, the joy of getting a random text or email has been squashed ever since GO Transit stepped up their game.

But for the curious, here are some interesting facts ripped right from the source:

Please include: a detailed description of the object, when and where it was lost (train line, bus route, station, trip number/time, location on the bus or train, etc.), contact information and any other relevant details.

Claiming a lost item on GO Transit
  • All lost items found across the GO Transit network (buses, trains and stations) will be taken to the Lost & Found office at Union Station, where they will be available for pick-up.
  • It will take between 2 and 5 business days for an item to be delivered to the Lost & Found office at Union Station.
  • When picking up a lost item at the Union Station Lost & Found office, proof of ownership will be required. This can be done in different ways depending on the item. For example, providing the number of a lost cell phone or the password of a lost laptop computer would be considered proof of ownership.
Most lost items are claimed...
Annual Lost and Found Stats (on average)
68% of lost cellular phones are claimed
85% of lost tablets/e-book readers are claimed
89% of lost computers/notebooks/laptops are claimed

But those that aren’t...
Unclaimed items are donated to The Scott Mission, a non-denominational charity organization providing spiritual and social services to the poor, homeless and vulnerable.

GO has a partnership with Bicycles for Humanity to donate abandoned and unclaimed bicycles. Bicycles for Humanity is a non-profit organization that ships these bicycles to Namibia, Africa. Bicycle Empowerment centres educate Namibians in the basics of bicycle maintenance and repair. The bicycles are then donated to the public in need and used to transport the sick and elderly to medical facilities.

You mean, like a unicorn?

Nope. Progress. Progress makes it happen

Messy makes it happen. Union Station #commuting #metrolinx #gotransit

A photo posted by Ruth Frost (@ruth.a.frost) on

Opinion from the Toronto Star

How we get bribed with our own money on transit: James

On matters of Toronto’s transportation and transit building, the more things change . . .

Our local politicians, often the mayor, push pet projects, promoting them ahead of independent study and thought.

They use political pressure to advance said projects to the top of the priority list, even before democratic bodies like city council are given…

Don't forget it means selling off of a portion of Hydro One (or is it a lease, like the 407 is)?

Ontario budget will be about building transit, Wynne says

‎Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontarians should all climb aboard her plan to boost transit.

“The days of underspending on infrastructure are over,” Wynne told reporters after stepping off the Union-Pearson Express train that will go into service on June 6.

The premier took the media on the smooth 23-minute ride from Union Station to Pearson Inter‎national…

Nancy and Karen are like, super mad at me

These two need a blog. I mean it. Get on it.

Let's pull out some of random comments/questions/statements made in text and email to me, shall we?

"You only care about issues that affect you."

Well of course I do, it's my blog, it's always been about me. I've never professed anything else.

"Because your friends with GO Transit on Twitter, you don't care about us anymore".

It's very difficult to be friends with a business entity. I don't even know the social media team aside from the acronyms they provide. Plus, there's no friends on Twitter. There's "stalking" on Twitter. I "follow" GO Transit and the social media team "follows" me. This is about the extent of our "friendship".
Secondly, to "care about us" implies I need to know you. I don't know either of you.

"Why is it that we can't complain about how unfair these platform changes are???? Some of us have to walk farther and a few of my co-workers now have to take a later train because the track change added two minutes to the walk that they can't spare."

I only know what I know. I boarded 12/13 through the Concourse, in the area that connects the Concourse to the Air Canada Centre. The move to 24 for my 4:53 pm Lakeshore East train has added less than one minute more of walking time to my commute. Neither of these two jerks will tell me where they board. How can I help???

"Sharing my email online was a breach of my privacy."

No it wasn't. You don't pay me anything. I'm not obligated to protect anyone or anything. If you don't want me to know who you are, don't use your email, use an alias. It's free to create a Gmail account.

"As someone who claims to lobby for passenger issues and comfort, it's really upsetting to learn you don't give a shit about the very real concern and DANGER of platform congestion. Platforms 24 to 27 can't handle Lakeshore crowds."

I never claimed to "lobby". I said that people view me as some kind of GO Transit passenger lobbyist. This includes you. I'm sorry you set such high expectations for me. I never asked you to. That's hard for me to write as it's mean, but it's true, and I am not a mean person at heart. I do care passionately about transit issues and how bonafide issues affect our daily commute as paying passengers. I have not been alerted to anything out of the ordinary when it comes to the platform change. The platforms were always congested, especially when trains are delayed. When the trains are on time, boarding is fine, and it's been fine since the change.

"I really used to enjoy reading your website but now I think you're just pandering to GO Transit because you're afraid they'll turn their back on yuo."

Why is it that people act like this is a paid gig? Like I owe them something? I could stop writing today, have the site go dark forever, and no one at Metrolinx or GO Transit would care.

Apparently GO can't handle "Sprinter"

* Sprinter - the weather period between Winter and Summer in Southwestern Ontario.

And she left in a huff

Before I had a chance to, this woman with the suitcase was politely informed by another passenger that she could not put her suitcase in the quad like she had and block two seats.

She looked around the train with one of those, "What I am supposed to do?" looks and the passenger told her she could sit near the doors, on the bench seat. "But I don't want to sit there," said the woman.

"Well," said the passenger. "Unless you bought three tickets, this train gets pretty full by Ajax and I'm sure those passengers won't be happy about standing. You bought a ticket. You saw how expensive this is."

"Fine!" Said suitcase lady. "I'll just move to the back of the train. Like black people."

I'm sorry, what?

I looked at this other passenger who was as stunned as I was as we watched this woman get up in a huff and lug her suitcase out of our coach.

York West Teamway finally opens Monday

Only 4 months behind schedule...

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 5 of the Platform Diaries

Dear Diary

My new BFF Nancy checked into a mental institution last night. I didn't even know we still had these. I thought one had to be committed to a hospital, but what do I know? Being a relatively sane person that is.

Nancy takes the Lakeshore East 5:20 pm train from Platforms (note the plural) 25 and 26 and claims that she has been unable to board the train without having to wait over 10 minutes to get up the stairs. Despite me asking several times for photos of this massive crowd of passengers, she has ignored this request. Even last night, as she emailed me to tell me that the 5:20 was a mess, I asked for a picture and she ignored me. She says the crowd is overwhelming and still believes that someone will eventually fall on the tracks and be killed.

You know that scene in Austin Powers (the first one - the only one worth watching) where the guy falls and the steamroller is approaching and for about three minutes he screams, "Nooooo!" as it slowly rolls towards him? I'm pretty sure if someone were to fall while everyone was waiting for the train, a train that is no where in sight, someone will help that person get back on the platform. No one would just stand around watching for several minutes as the person just lay there, praying the end comes swift.

As for me, I've had no issues. I arrive at 24 at 4:43 pm for the 4:53 through the ACC tunnel and board. There is no crowd.

Nancy needs help. I hope she gets it.

Did you find a Bianca Nygard bag on Monday's 3:43pm Lakeshore East train?

Please contact GO Transit's lost and found at or at 416.869.3600 ext. 7273.

As of this morning, this leopard print bag hasn't been turned in. It contains an important prescription for the owner's daughter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some people on GO Transit need this (be sure to click next)

University of Toronto (U of T) Commuter Shirt

The "sweats" on the bus

<a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>

Only those who ride a GO bus will know this struggle

Lovingly penned by Anonymous

Let's talk about the external audio announcements for GO buses. By these, I don't mean the ones inside telling you the next stop - I mean the ones that run like this:

"81A, Port Perry. Thank-you for pre-purchasing your fare. For passengers using Presto, please have your card ready. Thank-you for choosing GO Transit".

Firstly, this announcement is so long that it will still be playing after the doors have closed and the bus is driving off. Pity the poor people who live right by a GO bus stop. But, maybe there's a reason for the length. Let's examine the announcement in detail, one piece at a time:

* "81A, Port Perry". So far, so good. The pause between "81" and "A" seems a little long (so it's more like "81, eh"), but it's better to err on the side of clarity, particularly when you have routes like the "21T". (Say it ten times fast...)

* "Thank-you for pre-purchasing your fare". Now, at the vast majority of stops (over 95%), there is no option for pre-purchasing your fare. There is no point thanking people for something they can't possibly have done. Further, at the few stops where you could pre-purchase your fare, those haven't done won't suddenly run back in to buy it. Consequently, this just comes across as passive-aggressive: "Thanks for pre-purchasing your fare, which we know you couldn't have done. How dare you board a bus with cash and expect to exchange for the service we provide. Bah!". 

* "For passengers using Presto, please have your card ready". If you have a Presto card, you know how to use it. Very possibly, the first time you might need a little guidance - but even then, you'll know you need the card available, not at the bottom of your bag. Every Presto user knows full well how to use the thing, and hardly needs reminding. GO might as well say "For passengers not using Presto, please have your cash ready". But they don't. Clearly, GO trusts passengers with cash (who aren't regular users) more than Presto users (who are regular transit users).

* "Thank-you for choosing GO Transit": A pre-recorded thank-you is not a real thank-you. It's a recording of a voice actor. I don't send recordings to relatives thanking them for gifts. 'nough said.

The only bit which is useful and necessary is "81A, Port Perry". 

Please GO, just limit the external announcement to that.

You deserve it Mississauga!

Hurontario LRT gets a boost from Queen's Park

Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca will announce the province is moving ahead to build the Hurontario LRT running between Mississauga's Port Credit neighbourhood and Brampton.

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey are expected to join Del Duca at the City Centre transit terminal near Square One in Mississauga to confirm Queen's Park's…

Monday, April 20, 2015

In case you missed it ...

GO to add almost 50 per cent more trains in next 5 years

BARRIE — GO Transit will add about 700 train trips a week — most in the off-peak hours and on weekends — within five years as the regional transit agency works toward its $13.5 billion “transformational” 10-year regional express rail plan.

GO currently offers about 1,500 trips a week on its regional rails.

That will increase…

And he just keeps going!

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A river runs through it

Persistent water leak floods sidewalk in Bay St. underpass: Fixer

An overhead water leak makes walking along the Bay St. rail underpass a wet and slippery business.

The redevelopment of Union Station, Front St. and the surrounding area is still grinding along, with no letup in the traffic disruption and construction chaos at Front and Bay before the end of this year.

One of the best…


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But where are his shoes?

My new favourite meme

A person after my own heart

Ask once. If no response, leave it alone - Karma will eventually put on her cape

The worst, inconsiderate habit that appears to be a growing trend on public transit is people who listen to music, play Candy Crush (or some other game) or watch movies and videos without headphones or ear buds.

I do not understand how anyone thinks this is acceptable.

On a LSE train this morning, LG wrote in to This Crazy Train describing how she was subjected to the audial assault of music being played on a smart phone with the speaker cranked and laced with all kinds of profanity. She had asked the person if he could please use ear buds. This was met with a look of annoyance and her request was ignored.

On a packed train, some of us will suffer through a lot in order to keep our seat. I never expect anyone to move. You shouldn't have to. Ask once. If no response, go with your gut. In LG's case, it was best to just back down.

At Union, this d-bag also shoved his way off the train.

Ah, Mondays ... they bring out the best in people, don't they?

I think he's gonna need a bigger bike (but seriously tho, how cute is this? He probably bought it for his nephew? Son?)

They see me rollin ...

Friday, April 17, 2015


I'm penciling in 2024 for a train to Bowmanville in my calendar but first up, Barrie gets more service

And cannnnnnnnn youuuuuuuu fe-eeeeeel the luh-uvvvvvvve tonight?

date:Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 2:25 PM
subject:No longer a fan, sorry

I am really dissapointed in you that you decided that you are above those of us who are generally upset and concerned about the dangers of moving those of us who ride the Lakeshore East to platforms 24 to 27 and cramming us in with the Stouffville people. This many people on one platform is incredibly dangerous and last night people were standing on the tracks. Someone will get killed. Mark my words!!! And that's not funny. 

I was shocked when you actually found that laughable on your site. This is a legitimate concern of mine and several others. I know I am not alone in my thinking because I follow you on Twitter and you're comments about hugging it out were cruel, mean and demeaning. You weren't helping anyone. You were simply empowering Go Transit and enabling them to believe they know what's best when clearly, they don't know anything. Standing in the stairwell for 18 minutes waiting to board the 5:20 pm train was ridiculous. 

No one at GO Transit will tell us why it was necessary to move us all around. None of it makes sense as none of the platforms are closed. But they took the largest group of passengers and put us on the most narrowest platform. What is the logic for this? And didn't anyone at least count how many people board a train? 

I feel very let down by you. I feel you need to ridicule those of us because our concerns don't align with yours.


from:Cindy (Cj) Smith
date:Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 7:25 AM
subject:Re: No longer a fan, sorry


Thank you for reaching out to me. I'm not going to comment on your concerns because I think it's too early to pull out the Consumer Distributing catalogue just yet on this. It's only been two days and at the time of your email - one day. 

Last night, a police investigation resulted in mass hysteria and train delays of up to 20 minutes on the LSW and LSE, and I truly was "hugging it out" with other passengers whose nights were made stressful because of the late trains and missed commitments -- these are situations I can relate to. What I can't relate to are people who don't get it together, don't plan, aren't organized, are self-entitled and quite simply, act like spoiled adults.

Before 25, 25, 26 and 27 were designated to the LSE, this was the Milton platform. Thousands of people commute to and from Milton. These same passengers also only have nine "peak service" trains available to them. The LSE has 13. As an LSE passenger, I am mindful that other commuters aren't so lucky. Furthermore, these Milton passengers somehow managed to make those platforms work. However, you will be happy to know that I've been in touch with Metrolinx and GO Transit staff and the LSE platform will be monitored to validate the concerns being expressed. I just want to point out that no one who was on the Milton line when it departed from those platforms was ever killed at track level.

I still feel that part of the rage is due to the fact that people find comfort in familiarity and change is hard, especially for those who "auto-pilot" it to the station. People were offended by this analogy. But, it's my opinion, so I'm sticking with it. I had no trouble Wednesday night getting to the 4:53 or on the 4:53. That's all I experienced.

You said you waited 18 minutes to board the 5:20 train. The 5:20 leaves from 25 and 26. The 5:10 train leaves from 24 and so does the 4:53. I have no idea why you would have been bottle-necked for the 5:20 which leaves from two platforms. Why didn't you take the 5:10? You showed up at 4:58?


Note to self: if bringing Swiffer WetJet cleaning pads to work on the GO train, do not remove them from purse

We have a Swiffer for the kitchen at work, so I figured I'd bring them in.

I took five of them out of my bag this morning to rearrange them when I caught the horrified look on the face of the man sitting across from me.

I looked down at my bag and then looked up at him again. He quickly looked away and then it dawned on me...

Jesus Christ. Did he think they were maxipads?! Gigantic maxipads?!

He wouldn't look at me for the rest of the train ride and bolted from his seat once we were just outside Union.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mission accomplished

Change is hard. SO MUCH BUTTHURT

Last night was incredible, wasn't it?

I guess I was one of the lucky few LSE'rs familiar with platform 24. I knew which stairwell to take to get me to the part of the train I needed.

Others? Not so much.

Because of a lot of you are blocked from Twitter at work, I won't embed the tweets of hilarity, self-entitlement, butthurt, rage and sorrow.

As I said in one of my tweets, "Trollin' ... trollin' down a river ... of tears being wept by passengers who can't handle being told "No"."

People were PISSED about being moved to a different platform. Others demanded answers from GO Transit's Twitter team for why this was happening.

I posted this in response.

Some people laughed. Others just got angrier, especially those moved to 12/13. There were cries of protest about how narrow the platform is; that people "were arm to arm like sardines".

Anyone who is an LSE or LSW passenger knows we made these platforms work for us for years. The problem was that people went up the stairwell they were guided to by the CSRs in the Concourse ... and then stayed there. Nobody moved. No one thought, hey, maybe I should move down or up. People will eventually get it. By tomorrow, you'll all be pros at this. I swear.

Union Station is over 100 years old. It was never built for the crowds it now holds. Progress is being made to fix that. Aside from that, how else can the train shed cover be finished? Aren't you all tired of being rained on? Snowed on? 

It will get better soon.

Will you tell people on your GO train site that today is my birthday?


But don't expect any presents, kid.

She's now 10!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This was email was so left field (see what I did there?)

from:Blue Jays Fan Whose Email Bounced Back So I Was Unable To Deal
date:Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 5:03 PM

I am SO SORRY THAT IT BOTHERED YOU that me and my friends were chanting GO JAYS GO on the train ride last night. I AM SO SORRY THAT YOU HAVE NO TEAM SPIRIT or can't find in you THE DESIRE to support people who pay good money to support a franchise that denerates BILLIONS of DOLLARS in tourism money for tdot and I don't even LIVE in tdot!!!! I'm just a DIEHARD FAN who bleeds blue and white. MAYBE YOU SHOULD JUST DRIVE. Fans get PUMPED when they are going to a game. It's what makes LIFE worth LIVING for some. What are you into? BADMINTON? CHESS? No one asked you to sit where you sat so GET UP and MOVE if you don't like it!!!!

Here's what's interesting about his email, aside from the fact that the email address ( didn't work -- I don't think it was meant for me.

I don't blog about baseball. I've never tweeted or instagrammed or written about Blue Jay fans, at least not about chanting, and not in any manner that would trigger this response -- not even recently. 

The only thing I can think of is someone is using my email address to troll people on the Internet.

Here's what Jazmin Diamond, LLC has to say about it.

In fact, she doesn't have to say anything.

Her look says it all.