Tuesday, April 14, 2015

According to passengers, it was a tough night, so thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

More like a rough night!
They lost so I had to deal with a lot of pissed off and drunk fans. Also, why the hell didn't GO add more trains??? I work until 9. I had to pass on 2 trains because the crowds were horrific! I didn't get home until well after midnight. Such B.S. I need to printout the schedule and beg my boss to let me work from home those days!!!

Stephanie said...

The guy in the back, far right, with the black cap on?!! I once face planted getting off a train onto the platform. He happen to be waiting to get on to do a fare inspection at Union Station. He was amazing in helping me get cleaned up and making sure I was okay. I am forever grateful for his kindness and saving me from further humiliation.