Thursday, April 2, 2015

Paper fortune tellers

Part of the problem of referencing pop culture (especially in comedy) is that it's lost on those who didn't experience -- or were alive -- during the time period a song or fad was all the rage.

This is a paper fortune teller.

This thing helped me get through the fifth grade.

Here is how you make one.


Bicky said...

We used to call them Teacher Tortures. I think because the teachers would be frustrated were playing with the during class.

I love those things. Gonna make one this weekend!

Dakota said...

I never the hang of making these, but my sister would make them for me. This post brought back memories.

Anonymous said...

They're making a comeback. My kids make them!

Anonymous said...

We called them cootie catchers...the odd kid at work will make one and I'll get all nostalgic.