Thursday, April 9, 2015

This suitcase should have sustained a firey death this morning

The train is pretty much empty when it shows up to start its run at Oshawa. If you're first on with a suitcase, you know what you should do with it?

Not this:

Sit in the aisle. Put it under the seat, or better yet, go sit on the bench seat near the doors if it's that important that your belongings be that close to you and you don't want to be a hazard in an emergency evacuation.

At Whitby, a person sat down. Suitcase lady pretended she couldn't see other passengers boarding and seeking out seats.

At Ajax, despite two gentlemen who approached her quad, she buried her face in a newspaper and continued to pretend she didn't see people looking at the seat. Trust me, this jerk knew what she was doing.

So these men stood.

This is wrong. She's not more important than you. I'm tired of telling grown adults how they should behave in shared space on a public commuter train. 

This was a planned strategy. 

Typically, most people with suitcases tend to sit in aisle seats or do their best to allow other passengers to sit. That's how it works. 

She bought one ticket, not two. 


Anonymous said...

CSA's that monitor these infractions are needed.
She'd probably bite a fellow commuters head off if they asked her to move her bags. Muttering under her breathe and grumbling heaven knows what and extensive eye rolling.i pay enough for my ticket and shouldn't need to risk getting verbally abused, let GO stand by their guidelines or code of conduct.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

A lot of people do the same shit on the sidewalks and behind the wheel as well.