Monday, April 20, 2015

Ask once. If no response, leave it alone - Karma will eventually put on her cape

The worst, inconsiderate habit that appears to be a growing trend on public transit is people who listen to music, play Candy Crush (or some other game) or watch movies and videos without headphones or ear buds.

I do not understand how anyone thinks this is acceptable.

On a LSE train this morning, LG wrote in to This Crazy Train describing how she was subjected to the audial assault of music being played on a smart phone with the speaker cranked and laced with all kinds of profanity. She had asked the person if he could please use ear buds. This was met with a look of annoyance and her request was ignored.

On a packed train, some of us will suffer through a lot in order to keep our seat. I never expect anyone to move. You shouldn't have to. Ask once. If no response, go with your gut. In LG's case, it was best to just back down.

At Union, this d-bag also shoved his way off the train.

Ah, Mondays ... they bring out the best in people, don't they?


Jules said...

Why don't more people back people like LG up? Seriously they are bullies.

C.J. Smith said...

I have to ask them of everyone. Why don't you?

Strength in numbers.

Anonymous said...

If you are sitting beside them, pull out your headphone plug and play your music/game for all to hear as well. Maybe others will join in as well! The original offender will not be happy that your crap is drowning out his crap. Non confrontational too.

Nora1968 said...

I see where @Anonymous is going with this, but it's the age-old dilemma of whether stooping to mimic the bad behavior of the other person really solves anything, or just validates them (and makes you look like an ass).

I wish GO had the same protocol as VIA. If a passenger complains about the sound coming rom another passenger's device (sometimes even THROUGH earbuds) the customer service personnel will gently ask the offending passenger to turn it down. I have yet to see a passenger refuse to comply when presented with this request from someone who appears to be "in authority".

Anonymous said...

on a late night richmond hill bound green limo the other day, the bus was looping around queen's quay before joining the gardiner adn the bus driver pulled over and came to tell the woman sitting across from me to put headphones on because "not everyone likes the same music as you". it was awesome...

C.J. Smith said...


TomW said...

@nora1968 VIA has an attendant in every coach (!); GO has only one per train.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The audio quality of the microspeakers on these iPhones and laptops suck so bad anyway a TRUE music lover would WANT to either use headphones or play them through a home stereo system.

Personally I never thought of most people as being actual music lovers.
This "public music listening" is but a mindless trend. Most of these folks don't even know HOW to actually listen to music. They just indulge in whatever demographic fluff they identify themselves as "supposing to enjoy" in the usual perfunctoristically ritualistic manner indicative of the typical overprivileged middle-classhole clonehead types.