Thursday, April 23, 2015

And she left in a huff

Before I had a chance to, this woman with the suitcase was politely informed by another passenger that she could not put her suitcase in the quad like she had and block two seats.

She looked around the train with one of those, "What I am supposed to do?" looks and the passenger told her she could sit near the doors, on the bench seat. "But I don't want to sit there," said the woman.

"Well," said the passenger. "Unless you bought three tickets, this train gets pretty full by Ajax and I'm sure those passengers won't be happy about standing. You bought a ticket. You saw how expensive this is."

"Fine!" Said suitcase lady. "I'll just move to the back of the train. Like black people."

I'm sorry, what?

I looked at this other passenger who was as stunned as I was as we watched this woman get up in a huff and lug her suitcase out of our coach.


Squiggles said...

Excuse me? I didn't realise we were living in 1940s Missouri.

Anonymous said...

Classic! I remember waiting for a VIA train in Aldershot a few years back. A sweet elderly Aussie lady started talking to a young lad sitting next to me. She was visiting a friend and was new to Canada.
"What's Toronto like?" she wanted to know, "Is it a nice place to live?"
"It's great" replied the boy, "but it has it's problems, you know, like anywhere else"
The old lady thought for a while, looked around and then then leaned in close to whisper:
"Oh" she said, looking furtively left and right, "you mean the... blacks?"

I almost spat out my muffin ;)

C.J. Smith said...

^ Lord help us.

Mary said...

Hahaha That.Was.Epic!! I choked on my coffee! Who even thinks like that!? Apparently suitcase lady, that's who! Thanks for making my morning!

Bicky said...

*smh* Some days I think we're progressing through society nicely and then something like this comes up.

Anonymous said...

Racists are the minority these days (how's that for irony?). They stick around to remind us what life used to be like (although have you ever been up north? Christ. They still use the n-word in some of those small hillbilly towns)