Thursday, April 9, 2015

If the people I'm ranting about in the post below this one would pick up a newspaper ...

GO riders warned of Union Station platform changes

GO riders are being warned to check their departing platform information at Union Station starting April 15.

Metrolinx has been doing some hard-core communications around the re-opening of platforms 4 and 5 and the coinciding closure of platforms 20 and 21.

The changes, part of the years-long Union Station renovations, will affect virtually all GO train…


Squiggles said...

"Metrolinx has been doing some hard-core communications around the re-opening of platforms 4 and 5 and the coinciding closure of platforms 20 and 21."

I am not certain that what is currently happening is considered "hardcore". A week before the Gong Show, they FINALLY sent out the email about it. I have yet to see someone handing out the flyers (I printed mine from this site). It was only this morning that the CSA made an announcement about this.

One week is not enough time for a switch up of this magnitude. Just consider how many people are still on Easter vacation? They may not know about this until they are on a train headed to Barrie and not Oshawa.

C.J. Smith said...

Do you go through the concourse Squig? They've been there all week handing out fliers.

This morning they were also at the top of the staircases.

And like you, an announcement was also made.

I've learned in my line of work that advance notice proves useless when it comes to people who auto pilot or maintain comfort creatures of habit.

The best time to warn people is closer to the actual event taking place. Otherwise, people forget.

I suspect this will get more hardcore next week.

Squiggles said...

I avoid the concourse like it has the plague. Too many people, too many of those same people cannot walk in a straight f-ing line! My sanity means I tend to walk outside and enter the station on the VIA concourse level.

So, that could be why I have missed most of this. I do hope they step it up though. Things will not be pretty next week.

Bicky said...

I caught it last week on Facebook and sent the link to everyone in my department at work who takes the GO Train.

A couple of things about this article:

1. Platform 5 wasn't closed! I know this because I come in on this platform in the morning. Platform 4 was closed.

2. "GO riders are so excited they are posting pictures of the redesigned platforms." I think the only reason GO riders are excited is because a portion of the construction finally got finished!

Anyway, I'm in training to make the dash next week to the Booneyville tracks.

George said...

I heard about the platform changes a month ago and they've been out every night in the VIA concourse for the last week like circus barkers handing out flyers.
I've read in the papers, heard announcements on the train, read the huge frickin signs at Union and even read the tickers on the PINS monitors about these changes.
There have been signs on the platform and in the station at Oakville about it and flyers are being handed out there too.
I've had about 5 emails from them reminding me too.
How can one NOT know about it if you're a regular rider?

When they get finished rebuilding the ground level platforms, they are going to be light years ahead of the old design. Now if only the VIA concourse could get refurbished at the same time....

The good thing for me is that my new platform is right beside where I go now. No sprinting for me.

Anonymous said...

So they've paid individuals to wear a GO commuter helper vest and hand out preprinted change of tracks notices, never mind those of us getting it by email already. Tremendously waste of paper btw. But what day think GO's paying these helper people?

Squiggles said...

Finally! saw the GO people handing out the flyers. And by saw I actually mean that they drew attention to themselves, calling out the platform changes.

Still only ever received one email. But at least the word is out.

May work from home on Wed... just to avoid the potential mess.

dOxxxicle said...

CJ, am I just blind or is there no link to the original article on the Toronto Star's website?

I'd like to email the original article to my co-workers.

Anonymous said...

The person handing out the flyers this morning said they're a revised version...with platform numbers this time!
Please don't tell me they were handing out flyers without platform numbers previously!

C.J. Smith said...

@ dOxxxicle

I embed the article right in the website so I don't have to bother with links but here it is!