Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Instagram account posting photos of women on TTC raising consent concerns

From Metro

A new Instagram account is posting photos of women on the TTC, raising concerns about consent and the safety of female riders.

The account, called TTC Women (@ttcwomen), claims to post pictures of  “beautiful women seen on the TTC … for the sake of fun and beauty.”

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Anonymous said...

This is laughable considering what you do. LOL.
I'm surprised you haven't been investigated for the bullshit you've pulled.

C.J. Smith said...

Can you give me examples of this bullshit?

Anonymous said...

You take pictures of people sleeping and putting feet on the seats and in fact, one could even say you have a fetish which is creepy. One day, trust me, you will find yourself in court. So good luck you fat cow! LOL

C.J. Smith said...

You've met my lawyers, right?
They're well fed for a reason.

Take care.

FRED said...

I honestly don't know how you deal with these assholes.

George said...

I wonder which picture Anonymous is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about we leave everybody else the f**k alone...isn't that what society, rules, and law is supposed to be about? You don't infringe on my "rights" and I do the same for you?

Yeah, I get it, out in public we have no privacy or right to it. Wouldn't it be nice if we did? Just leave everybody else alone, follow the rules, mind your own business, and not have to worry about some video of you picking your nose at a stop light popping up somewhere?

It makes me wanna punch someone in the iPhone...

I just don't get why it isn't okay when it involves pictures of cute women being gawked at, but it is totally okay to make fun of somebody with a misplaced hairpiece or a Hitler-stash or some other humorous physical attribute that was a choice and not a precondition.

How 'bout we all just mind our own flippin' business, let people do their jobs, and get the f**k outta peoples way who need to get somewhere?

There, I'm done with my random drunken rant. Now I can go to bed.

C.J. Smith said...

Where on this site is anyone made fun of for the things you described?

I love how the drunken accusations just fly out with no merit.

Skin Man said...

I suspect that anon missed the contradiction in the above rant, I'll paraphrase: "everyone follow the rules and leave each other alone".

This site's contributors often observe people not following the rules, (i.e. feet on seats, leaving garbage behind, etc.). Some rules are conditions of public transit use, others are simply expected from people who wish to live in a civilized society.

It begs the question, what should we do when someone doesn't 'follow the rules'?

C.J. Smith said...

Allegedly, to mind our own business, which is how society wound up this way. Because people stopped caring. But lots of us *do* care and I don't care that because I care it pisses off those who don't care.

I. Don't. Care. About. Your. Butthurt.

C.J. Smith said...

Allegedly, to mind our own business, which is how society wound up this way. Because people stopped caring. But lots of us *do* care and I don't care that because I care it pisses off those who don't care.

I. Don't. Care. About. Your. Butthurt.

Anonymous said...

Aw he went to bed poor boy. With a sore head...I'm assuming laddo doesn't have a job to get up for so, well, he's probably still in bed? Poor bloke said his piece and then ran out of swearwords so he sulked off back to his play pen to go suck his thumb...Honestly my kids have more grown up arguments than this numpty.

Chris said...

As much as I enjoy the occasional negative comment written by people who clearly hate you (however if they knew you in person like I do, their opinion would change immediately), I have to say, it bothers me that people are so mean. These people are mean towards things they think are mean. I don't understand that.

Be a better person? Really? Instead of spending your time surfing a blog you don't agree with, call your mom. Tell her you love her.

You know, do nice things.

C.J. Smith said...

Chris, your comment left me confused.

I do call my mom!

Anonymous said...

The point of Anon@10:55pm is that those women have no recourse for these pictures, just like the rest of us in public. "Go pound sand" is the first comment on the MetroNews article.

It wasn't an attack on C.J. I never said you made fun of people on this site, or harass employees. It was a general complaint about the iPhone paparazzi. That's what "I wanna punch someone in the iPhone" meant.

...and no, I do not have a headache. I woke up three hours ago, and I do have a job to go to.

C.J. Smith said...

Okay. I get it. I apologize. Hope you get through the day with lots of coffee and Motrin. It's what is working for me since I've been up since 3 am because of a stupid phone call - to be blogged about.

Anonymous said...

"It wasn't an attack on CJ"

Erm, I suggest you re-read your posts. If you want to make an adult argument try behaving like an adult.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

The way I look at it:
People are always judging others (sometimes harshly) so why not return the favor?
Especially when the other person is doing something outlandish.

And I'm not arguing the point that if one goes out in public "privacy" takes a hiatus.
And that includes attractive women as well. So they shouldn't be so "shocked" to find themselves possibly on-line at some point in time.
Whoever is taking these iPhotos most likely wouldn't have much more regard for you or I if they thought we were "interesting" in some way. Even with ulterior motives in mind.