Friday, April 24, 2015

May we offer some love advice? "We" as in your fellow GO bus passengers

I worked late last night and as a result, took a later bus home. I quite enjoy rolling through Oshawa after 8 pm because it's a unique cast of characters that make their appearance known in that city.

Meet Bob. I don't know his real name but he looked like a Bob. Bob boarded the bus at the Oshawa Centre and sat right next to me, iPhone glued to his ear and a pained expression on his face. Clearly the conversation he was having was not about which spatula to get at Walmart (the conversations I have with my husband).

Because he had the volume cranked, I could hear Melissa, too. Bob made it very clear who he was talking to as he used her name a lot but I'll call her "Melissa". Melissa sounded very angry.

Melissa was upset that Bob has friended a female neighbour on Facebook and not in a way to post recipes about low fat muffins on each other's wall,  or to muse about the weather such as, "Are you enjoying today's "Sprinter" weather?". Melissa believes Hilary is seducing Bob.

Trust me when I say this was not a conversation to be having on a bus. Melissa was rhyming off all the times Bob has been in her garage for service and emphatically reminded him that these inspections have always included an incredible amount of lube, oil & filter.

My ears were burning. I mean, seriously, they were on fire.

I stared out the window as Bob tried to explain he was not attracted to Hilary and he just feels sorry for her because she's a single mother and he didn't want to appear rude.

Melissa wasn't buying it. She fired off a bunch of questions: How did she find you? She needs to know your last name and Superkalifrikiousahmodisish (thats what his last name sounded like) isn't easy to spell. Doesn't she need to know your email address? Why are you lying to me? Why are you hurting me like this? What have I ever done to you? Why do you need her on Facebook? You already have friends! You have me! You don't need her on Facebook!

Bob then got super mad and started shouting. The bus got real quiet. Everyone (all 11 of us) were holding our breath.

Bob started to do something you should never do, and I mean ever, when someone is clearly demonstrating major insecurity issues. He started to list every single thing wrong with Melissa.

Melissa hung up.

Bob was in a rage. He called her back and left an awful voice mail.

Then he threw his phone. On the bus.

A woman sitting where it landed stared at it for a few seconds and then got up to pick it up and brought it back to him.

He took it from her and nodded.

Bob got off four stops before mine. You could actually feel the atmosphere change after he left.

The lady who retrieved his phone and I had a lot to say about Bob. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish our analysis because I had to get off at my stop, but the consensus was that Bob owed Melissa an apology and Melissa needs to address why Bob friending a neighbour on Facebook makes her feel tossed aside.

I would have loved to have heard the driver's take on it.

I can only imagine the stuff GO bus drivers hear.


Anonymous said...

I need to ride the GO bus.

Anonymous said...

Ellie Says:
Melissa is probably lacking self-esteem but we don't know the full picture here. Perhaps Bob has previous? We also need to understand Bob's real reasons for reaching out to this woman. Is it really a knight in shining armour scenario? Or is he missing some attention at home? Either way Bob should know the number one rule of marriage: Avoid having female friends and, if you do, make sure your wife is included in the circle.
And throwing your phone? Overall it seems like Bob has some growing up to do.

C.J. Smith said...

To the troll that always makes it a point to read my site EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Nosey? Really?

I speak and understand English. If a person is having a phone call on a bus, in English, and is speaking loudly - what is the proper response?

How about next time I take his phone and remove the battery and shove it up your ass?

Is that how you feel the situation is best addressed?

I'd really like to listen to how you handle public conversations. Do you put your hands over your ears and sing Oh Canada really loud?

If you subject me to your PERSONAL phone call, I have no choice but to listen as the volume on my headphones only goes so high.

Oh wait, am I to get off the bus and give this person the privacy he needs? Do you leave the line at the MTO because someone is discussing JOhnny's test scores in front of you because you feel you shouldn't be listening?

Now is your time to speak asshole. Make it worthy of my time and the time of my readers.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Agreed. And wasn't it nice that the lady picked it up for him. I bet my troll feels she should have put it in her pocket.

Anonymous said...

Ok then. None of the above would work out. Your gonna hear what you hear Just keep it to yourself. Telling your readers makes you sound nosey. Stick to transit issues. Have a good evening.

C.J. Smith said...

I don't just write about transit issues. I write about transit experiences and this was one of them. If you don't like it, why do you bother commenting? Why even bother wasting your time reading what I wrote?

C.J. Smith said...
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Warren Downe said...

In your browser, hover the mouse over the tab opened to TCT. Note the title: "You. Me. Ride This Crazy Train - Adventures and Observations on The GO". IMO, this story is in keeping with the blog's charter.

If it's bone dry transit stories you seek, I highly recommend The Star. {yawn}

C.J. Smith said...

Or the REAL transit blogs and I'm not knocking them because they are invaluable such as steve munro and transit toronto.

Skin Man said...

remember the found love letter?!

C.J. Smith said...


Skin Man said...

CJ, I think that would be hilarious!!!

Also, I miss the exchanges, I don't know why, but they are still my fav's! I still get a little flutter when I surf to this site and see it at the top of the list! I guess with the change in lost and found contact info there will be less of that in the future.

Keep on with the giggles, that's part of the charm!

Robert Wightman said...

"Anonymous Anonymous said...
Ok then. None of the above would work out. Your gonna hear what you hear Just keep it to yourself. Telling your readers makes you sound nosey. Stick to transit issues. Have a good evening."

Having to listen to someone else's conversation or music is a transit topic because it affects other riders. If you don't want tour conversation to be public don't do it in public. Personally I think C.J. should post them on you tube for public enlightenment.