Thursday, April 9, 2015

You know how the platforms at Union are changing and some bus schedules are being updated?

And if you don't know, or you want more info, you know who you don't ask?


The bus driver is there to perform one critical duty, and that is to drive the bus, as best as she can, as safe as she can and as UNDISTRACTED as she can.

She isn't there to assist you with your bazillion questions quizzing her about what she knows, and doesn't know, about our bus route and the platform switch at Union Station. This despite her telling you she moves from the bus route after this Saturday!

And yet, you still kept yapping. And the more you yapped, the slower she drove as she attempted to digest your questions.

We missed our train because of two passengers that for the life of me, can't read; can't figure out that there is this thing called ""; or Facebook; or Twitter; or walk up to those nice men and women at Union who have been handing out information pamphlets like the bosses they are all week.

Myself and another passenger began raging aloud at these two idiots who either pretended to ignore us, or heard us criticizing them, but didn't clue in we were talking about them.

Our driver is a nice person. Sometimes it's hard to tell people to shut up, especially people who refuse to listen. Never in my life have I witnessed such boorish behaviour, as well as anger, that was misdirected at the driver who has nothing to do with the decision to switch platforms, or adjust bus schedules. Nor is she obligated to tell you what the new bus stop times are, especially after she pointed out she wouldn't be on the route after the 11th, and that the new schedules are available at Union Station.

Kudos to my driver and her amazing level of patience. She's a better person than me.

( I guess it's a good thing I don't operate a GO bus for a living. Clearly, I'd be fired).


Anonymous said...

I love you best when you rage CJ. It's what made me a fan.

C.J. Smith said...

I try. After so long, it's hard to find the drive to rage. Nothing has changed. Groundhog day.