Friday, April 3, 2015

It took 11 days but I think I did it. I have managed to kick nasal sprays to the curb

The only thing that has me greatly concerned are these episodes of extreme light-headedness and dizziness that come and go. Over the past three days, they have been so bad that I nearly passed out at work, on the train, and at home.

Mind you, I am under an incredible amount of stress at work and my body has never responded well to stress. I barely eat and I don't sleep well. I am also wondering if I'm experiencing withdrawal?

I've also been exercising more vigorously than usual, and am down back to the weight I was in the summer, before the stress of owning two houses hit; coupled with the awful Fall and Winter where I had limited range of motion in my right leg due to bursitis triggered by a fall down the stairs of a GO Transit Double Decker bus in late September. It's still not fully healed, but at least I can manage stairs and ride a bike.

The best place to start with my health concerns is with my family doctor. I hope to get in to see him on Tuesday. I've also been getting these wicked headaches. I am not someone prone to headaches. I am also no longer taking any kind of over-the-counter sinus medication either.

The first seven days of going cold turkey was absolute hell. I don't know how else to describe it. Just hellish. The congestion was awful. I hated every second. It's only been these past two nights that I could sleep without having to get up and walk around and let my sinuses drain. I know - gross.

I want to thank those of you who have been incredibly supportive. I appreciated all the advice. Now I just hope there isn't anything more serious going on.


Bicky said...

I have to wonder if the changing weather isn't part of the headaches. Barometric pressure and all that. I've had a couple of headaches the past week and I don't get them often, either.

Good luck. Hope the stress at work eases soon.

C.J. Smith said...

I've started monitoring this based on this suggestion. Also, I stopped taking Tylenol Cold & Sinus - no more lightheadedness of feeling faint!

I also invested in a saline spray and it's helping - greatly.