Friday, December 21, 2012

This was me this morning

I've been commuting since the 5th grade.
Every Saturday, my mom would give me 35 cents to take the Annette 4 bus from the stop at the end of my street to Jane and Bloor where I took tap dancing lessons at Doreen Hayes School of Dancing in Toronto's Bloor West Village.
I'm a veteran. I like to believe I'm prepared for anything.
I've heard about the Save-a-Seat phenomenon. I've witnessed it over the years but I've never been a victim -  until today.
My bus was late. We had a swing driver unfamiliar with the route who unfortunately missed the turn leading to the GO station and had to backtrack to get back on course. I was engrossed in Episode 9 of American Horror Story on my tablet and wasn't paying attention. Another passenger realized the error after the driver was past the intersection.
I missed the train I usually take and hopped on the one waiting. The coach was 30% full. I took a seat in a quad opposite a woman who had a bag on every seat except for the one I sat in. I didn't look at her. I had my headphones in and had just flipped over my tablet cover when she tapped me on my knee. I pulled out an ear bud and she asked me if I would mind sitting somewhere else. She said she usually saves seats for her friends.
Since it's Christmas and crap, I got up and went upstairs. Although I didn't feel any need to take a shit, I can empathize with the dog in the clip because once I got upstairs, I had a whole mess of dialogue I would have liked to share with Ms. Save-a-Seat.
I was in a bad mood for the rest of the morning.
Seats on a commuter train are first-come/first-serve and on a relatively empty train, I don't like being asked to sit somewhere else. I like being the one in control of where I sit. If I witness you and your friends getting onto a train, or a friend joining you, and I realize it would be nice if y'all could sit together, I'll get up and offer my seat.
The dog says it all.
I'll just continue with my bad day now.


Unknown said...

Here's what I believe - all of us have an angry Black woman deep down inside. We each have a right to let her out every once in a while. Although your outlet was the gif image above (which is hella funny), never leave her locked up inside. You'll explode.

Squiggles said...

I received dirty looks this morning on the 6.26 from Ajax. All because I chose to sit in the 2 seater by the door. The reason: I am heading to the airport right after work and I had my suitcase and carry on and purse with me. I figured that would be the best place where I would discomfit fewer people and not take up aisle-way/door-ways.

But golly, the dirty looks! All because apparently people getting on at a stop after me would normally sit there.

Anonymous said...

If somebody comes up to me and tells me "hey, that seat is saved" or "that's my seat", I don't move. I ask them "How is this possible? I'm sitting here, it's not your seat, it's mine. I didn't see your name on it when I sat down."

Em said...

I've gotten seat daver's bitchin at me too, in hamilton on the 7:04 train in the Accessibility car!, I just look at them, & ask if they can see the signs in this car, with a WFEELCHAIR, & if they have legs that work, theres only 5 steps up to a new seat for that day!!
I've faced worse on the 18:32 train that make me want to scream!
people actually snort & bitch when the CSA asks then to move so that I can get on!!!
one donkey even muttered '"go back to your institution & stop trying to steal a seat!'"


My inner BITCH, just came whipping out, I said, loud enough for the WHOLE section to hear, "Gee, looks like someone needs to be spanked today dont it!!
why dont YOU try having to use both a white cane & a wheelchair!! DONKEY!!"