Sunday, August 18, 2013

The accessibility coach is identifiable from the air, it's so the aliens know where to land

Photo by bmacdiarmid via Instagram

Click here for the alien reference


calvinhc said...

I assumed it was to be able to identify the coach in an accident that results in coaches lying on their sides.

Though, it makes me wonder if the accessibility image appears on the bottom of the coach as well.

C.J. Smith said...

This is why I have you sexy beasts. To answer burning questions.

Anonymous said...

It is for identification from the air. Just like police vehicles have the number on the roof. It allows helicopters to see the emergency egress area.

TomW said...

It's also useful in the yard, so that someone high up can easily identify each vehicle. The coaches get shuffled around depending on maintainence requriments, and the logo provdies an easy way to check the accesable coach is the right part of the set.

I suspect the older coaches are on a different maintainence cycle to the newer ones, which is why the sets are all such a mish-mash of old and new.

Dan-1 said...

GO always runs older with newer cars, there's no push to segregate or make whole trains of either kind.

There's very rarely trains made up of all old or all new cars, obvious exceptions being if a group of new cars are delivered and put into service together, or if GO is leasing a trainset to another agency, in which case they may make up a special train of all newer cars to make operation, maintenance, etc by that other agency simpler.