Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Even while on vacation, there's no escape from the donkeys for Crazy Train readers

from: NL
to: "C.J. Smith" 
date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 7:09 PM
subject: Asshole in Miami

I was on vacation in Miami last week and we decided to take the airport bus to the airport from South Beach since it was cheap and convenient.  My sister (who never takes transit) sarcastically said to me "What a gentleman!" when she saw what was going on on this bus.  You'll notice that there are 3 girls sitting in 2 seats, and then one row ahead this guy is sitting by himself.  There's also someone sitting on the floor right in front of us.  We weren't ballsy enough to say anything but spent the entire ride talking about him, and taking pictures to entertain ourselves.

CJ says:

Those ladies should have said something! My lord. And how rude of this man!


Anonymous said...

am I missing something? Why wouldn't one of them say excuse me and sit in the vacant seat? is it so difficult? It doesn't look like he is stretched across both seats.

April said...

My thought too, Anon. Some people don't like sitting on the inside; it can feel a little claustrophobic. People who are too afraid to say "excuse me" to get to the inside seat shouldn't be complaining about there being a vacant seat.

If he had bags on the seat or refused to move, that is another matter entirely and he should be blowtorched.

Anonymous said...

exactly April, glad I am not alone. I actually rarely sit by the window because I do feel claustrophic but I always move my legs out of the way to let people in, irritates me the people who don't move. I don't think this makes me inconsiderate.

Anonymous said...

No problem here... not taking 2 seats... lets move on people

andrea said...

I actually have a bone to pick with the commentor who said "but I always move my legs out of the way to let people in" This is a bone of contention for you move your when I try to sit in "said" inside seat and you have "moved your legs" for me to access "said" seat then do not complain when my arse gets shoved in your face...because trust me on this...I will shove it in your about if you actually moved your arse out of the seat to allow access to the inside only takes a second and you won't lose your seat...something to think about...unless you enjoy my arse in your face ;)

Anonymous said...

Take the inside seat... Simple enough...