Thursday, November 17, 2016

F this nonsense - my morning commute in one brief summary

Get on GO train at Oshawa.
Head up to Quiet Zone.
Arrive at Whitby.
A group of ten 20-somethings board on-route to TO for a conference/meeting/entertainment (not sure).
No idea about Quiet Zone based on their really loud arrival.
CSA makes no further announcement other than the first one made prior to departure at Oshawa.
It gets LOUDER.
I get up and leave.
But this group doesn't realize why I leave.
As I go down the stairs, someone says just loud enough so I can hear it: GUESS YOU DON'T LIKE BLACK PEOPLE.

It took everything in my being not to toss out a really bad word (a phrase starting with an "F" and ending with a "u") and start a brawl.
Because I don't like jail.


Unknown said...

Over the last couple of years I have noticed that the world is becoming more divided on race, class, gender, etc. We no longer see people as people first.

Because of the above, I can see why people would automatically jump to a race issue instead of a behaviour issue.

C.J. Smith said...

^ Well it's fucking awful because I see jerks as jerks. Could care less about your culture/history/language/ etc. My language for jerk is universal.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Try being at the library on the internet and having some moron come in afterwards and sit down two terminals away wearing noisy jewelry (large metal wrist bands, to be exact, that keep clanking on the table).
And talking out loud, replying to everything he sees or reads on the screen, whistling to whatever music he's listening to.
"Fucktard city" galore!!!

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree. There has always always been issues about race but without social media and new generations becoming so sick of it and not staying quiet about it, the issue has become more into the forefront. It's not getting worse, it's becoming more known.

Anonymous said...

With social media* my mistake.

Unknown said...

You got up and left because they were black...?

C.J. Smith said...