Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Please share & retweet: GO transit passengers needs help locating lost item

Hi CJ,

I'm hoping you could help me out in putting up something on your page to help me locate my lunch bag I forgot on this morning's LSE 6:21AM train from Pickering this morning.  I realized I forgot it on the train about an hour after I got to work.  Went to Union Station's lost & found but no one has yet handed in.  I was told that typically if lunch bags are found, any contents get tossed (understandable) and perhaps the bag might show up at Union's lost & found but that could take 1-2 weeks!!!!

Let's see if your social media and many, many followers can locate my lunch bag quicker than GO Transit.

The picture below is the exact bag that I lost.

If you have found this bag, please contact



Anonymous said...

just paper bag it til the bag shows up at union
no big deal (?)

C.J. Smith said...

If you've lost anything on the train, including your faith in humanity, I'm here to help you find it.

Anonymous said...

Nice burn, CJ.