Thursday, September 28, 2017

WE Day - the day with so much nope

The 703 train from Oshawa was packed with teens. I hate WE Day but it's 1 day. We always get through it - you and I, all of us.

What I did find annoying was the behaviour of some of the chaperones and teachers - BAGS ON SEATS, FEET ON SEATS, VOICE VOLUME DIALED UP TO 11. These people were more obnoxious than the kids.

At Union, I was met with a face full of bags after the three teachers sitting in the quad with me all stood up at once, not sure how one gets off a train. Backpack right to the face, which resulted in losing my glasses. Luckily, I'm one of those women graced with an ample chest shelf, as that's where they landed. I grabbed them before they could fall to the floor.

I mumbled, "Ridiculous" under my breath, biting my tongue to say anything more. There were some apologies. I just nodded.

Perhaps GO Transit could just dedicate a train to this crowd... I'm sure others would appreciate the effort.


G said...

I was surprised how many kids were on the 06:33 from Oshawa. They were pretty well-behaved around me, anyway, so no complaints.

Phynesse said...

Special thanks to the geniuses at GO Transit for running a short 10 car train on the LSW line at the height of rush hour 7:17 am train. It was packed to the gills with commuters and students many of us couldn't squeeze on. Poor planning as per usual from Go.

GoTrainRider said...

I suppose this is annoying, but at the end of the day, GO Transit is "public" transit. Regular users need to use it, occasional users need to use it too and if they aren't up on all the "rules" of riding a GO Train, I think just a smidge of understanding may go a long way to ensuring that occasional users are encouraged to continue using the GO Train.

Nora1968 said...

My WE Day experience yesterday was just the opposite. A relatively small (maybe 10-12) group of kids got on the 6:03 express LSE from Oshawa with a teacher. They were enthusiastic, of course, and not surprisingly headed upstairs. Presumably someone either warned them that upstairs was the "Quiet Zone" (or possibly they suspected since I heard the teacher mention it). Immediately they came back to the first level, with the teacher saying, "Oh well - upstairs would have been fun, but we're certainly not quiet!".

Everyone moved to the middle area of the car and sat. And that was, well, that. Barely heard them, and at one point, a student got up and approached the several adults standing by the doors to offer or point out seats (not realizing that the whole world suddenly stands at Pickering to be close to the doors when the train arrives at Union some 35 minutes later).

I was impressed, and wished I had had the time and access to tell them so.

Ed said...

LSW was oddly missing students yesterday. Normally it's a zoo full of chimps kind of situation but oddly enough, we only saw a small group and they were well behaved. Aside from an adult who laughed like a braying donkey. Laughed a lot too.

If I didn't hear the WE day announcement from the conductor dude, it would have been like any other day. Going home at 4:30 was the same too.

C.J. Smith said...

Kids were fine. I was specific about what I found annoying.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Some of the worst offenders can be the ones "in charge" it seems.