Thursday, October 19, 2017

Oshawa's new station opens Monday - and we get landscaping by mid-2018 guys!

By email from GO Transit

Oshawa GO Customers: We have good news to share! Your new station building will be ready for your Monday morning commute, giving you more convenient access to GO and VIA amenities including bigger washrooms and waiting areas. We've also made improvements to the Kiss & Ride and parking lot, so that it's easier for you to get in and out of the station whether you're walking or driving.

By mid-2018 we'll finish demolishing the old station building, adding a canopy connecting the new building with the VIA platforms and the VIA pedestrian bridge, as well as landscaping. 


Nora1968 said...

Great! I'm surprised I didn't get that e-mail (I'm on the list for LSE) but glad you posted it here! Hurray - no more walking all the way around the other station to get to the train!

Will the Tim Horton's kiosk be open at the same time?

deepfish said...

I was just at Oshawa a week or two ago to put mydaughter on the VIA train back to College. What a wonderful layout they have, full of cosy nooks, crannies, windbreaks, and corners where cropdusters and buttsuckers can freely congregate.
Why change perfection?
In Oshawa you have the Platonic Ideal. The Ur-station that all other stations should be measured against. It speaks to the zeitgeist that is Metrolinks commitment to customer safety and comfort in action. It is NOT full of bugs - butfeatures!