Monday, November 27, 2017

The hell was that this morning?!

I was seated on the 7:03 Oshawa to Untion train at about 6:53 am when I got the first tweet that something bad was happening just outside of Guildwood GO station. We were told we could expect delays of up to 10 minutes due to a malfunctioning signal - the same signal system we were told three years ago was due for an upgrade.

That worked out well, didn't it? What the hell do we pay fare increases for? Isn't it for system improvements?!

Ten minutes was generous. I rolled into work at 9:18 am, one hour and 18 minutes later than I usually arrive. Thankfully I am up to date with my tasks, otherwise, I'd be staying an extra hour to make up the time.

All of the trains affected this morning by the signal mess qualify for the Go Transit service guarantee. I'd give it a couple of days before trying. The information is entered manually and a lot of trains were affected.

By the way, does the acronym for the title of this web page stand for "Fucking GO System"? Seems appropriate.


Anonymous said...

and its happening again right now

Unknown said...

I thought those same thoughts. I was off but I forgot to turn off my alerts and all day those stupid texts came in.

On the LSE we had the fare increase yet there is nothing to show for it on our end. They should have used that money to FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM.

Every couple of weeks it is signal issues at Guildwood. We get tired of seeing and experiencing it, but I am sure the peons at headquarters are tired of sending out the alerts for the same thing.

G said...

Enjoy your $1.20 refund, CJ. Why do these things always seem to happen at the end of the month!?

Shalom Salaam said...

6 delays in eight business days on the Kitchener line...none of them refundable...freight train traffic...thought everyone got a schedule...COORDINATE PLEASE