Thursday, May 31, 2018

GO is clearly tired of your bullshit

Heads up motocycle friends who had emailed me (and customer relations per my suggestion) in the past annoyed that vehicle drivers were using designated motorcycle parking spots at Oshawa GO - GO Transit has listened.

The sign reads, "Vehicles parked in these spaces will be towed". I know the sign looks highly suspect but checking in with a GO Transit Safety Officer on-site, I confirmed it's legit.

I only asked because a reader named Doug wrote me threatening to take matters into his own hands by "borrowing a traffic cone from Bloor Street construction to make a point". I'm telling you, some passengers don't mess around.


G said...

Yeah, we'll see. There are non-spots with tow-away signs in the far-east lot and people park there very single day without consequence.

Skin Man said...

progress any way

Anonymous said...

Now if they'd also enforce all the people parked in the handicapped marked spaces waiting to pick up passengers - that'd be something!!!