Monday, July 23, 2018

Karl has a big thank you to the person who turned in his lost car keys to GO Transit

Imagine riding to Danforth station on the 8:53 after parking your car in the Whitby parking garage on Friday morning, double checking that the car is locked by zapping it from about fifty feet away, spending a few hours on the Danforth to jam with a buddy and returning to Whitby on the 12:23. Pretty boring right?

Except, when you get to where your car is parked, you reach into your pocket...your heart skips a few beats. It can't be!! NO CAR KEY! You double check. You triple check! You turn your pockets inside out. You search your gig bag even though you know you didn't put the key in there. You quadruple check. You are in denial. You can't be this stupid!

After coming to terms with the fact you really have lost your key, you go to the wicket at Whitby station and hope against hope someone has found it and turned it in. No way. The attendant hands you a card with the number and website for Metrolinx lost and roll your eyes. Fat chance.

You text your son, who brings you your wife's key so you can at least drive the car home. You reach home and resign yourself to spending A LOT OF MONEY on a new FOB for your car, and losing sleep about someone having the keys to your car and house, but just in case, fill in the Metrolinx lost and found form online. You then call the GO office to make sure they got the lost and found report. The friendly lady who deals with losers like you every day confirms she just got it, but warns nothing will happen over the weekend.

Saturday morning you get a call from Metrolinx. They have your keys! Someone turned them in at Union.

What? This happens? There are honest angels out there who turn in stuff they find, promptly no less? Yes. It's true. Believe me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, whoever you are. You have restored my faith in humanity. (And Metrolinx's efficient lost and found process.) Torontonians rock!


Unknown said...

Over three years I’ve handed in keys, security passes, wallets, clothes.
I don’t know why people wouldn’t hand in things they find on the GO.

Anonymous said...

I once found a set of keys at Oriole GO (ticket window was closed at the time) so I left a note on the windshield of the car with my contact deets (FTW I figured out which car the keys belonged to by hitting the panic button on the key fob)

Anonymous said...

So someone could just drive away with it?!

Anonymous said...

Nope, I placed the note on the inside of the windshield to avoid that kind of situation.(with my deets facing out) and I quizzed the owner on how many keys and approx where they lost them, ect.

I was younger at the time but not that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, smart!!!