Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Since Metrolinx employees can't stop raving about the new Union Station Food Court on Twitter, I decided to go check it out

Where is it? York Concourse, Basement, Toronto Union Station
Hours: Monday to Friday 7am to 10pm & Saturday to Sunday 10am to 10pm
What's there to eat?

At first blush, I can appreciate the use of a vibrant colour and height so that the customer doesn't feel like he or she is trapped in a World War Two bunker, so A+ for that.

Moving stairs that actually work are an engineering marvel in this day in age. Five stars.

Tables. Chairs. Waste bins. Ambient lighting. Standing tables with charging stations really give off a, "Hey, we're here for you" kind of vibe. Almost like a hug from your favourite uncle. 

My Ukranian heritage is too scared to ask what a Loaded Pierogi is.
Some things just shouldn't be messed with.

Violet is a strong colour theme down here. Clearly the designer spent some time researching colour theory. Purple happens to be my favourite colour. It's a colour that combines blue and red where blue is a stable colour and red is energetic. Purple is supposed to evoke a feeling of calm in its subjects. The color purple is also associated with royalty and ambition. It's always been interesting to me that car manufacturers never rolled out purple as a standard car colour.

Purple also represents wealth and the illusion of grandeur (cough).

There's plenty of seating and of course, Tim Horton's makes an appearance. 

As does McDonald's. 

Probably the most depressing area of the food court had to be this space right here. We've moved into Soviet-era territory with no paint, no colour, solitary tables and a ever practical ATM. It's almost mid-eighties mall-like. My advice? Paint the pillars. 

In purple.

Photos too small? Here's the album link.


Ed said...

I like the decor of that food court although I'll in all likelihood never buy anything there. I always pack a lunch when I head for work.

Those pillars will be beautified as soon as the more important work is done. The infrastructure is not yet complete as this food court will eventually connect to the new Bay concourse. Lots of plumbing and electrical to do yet and they usually only work at night there.

We started calling those table "breakup tables" where one can end the relationship without interference from nearby diners. :)

They have a DJ setup (I think) right at the elevator base where they pump out crappy music all day and night. That should end please.

Next up is connections to the path and the subway right from the food courts.

Squiggles said...

Based on the pictures from this post and the experience this morning: that purple is brutal on the eyes so early in the morning. Probably could have picked a dimmer shade.

But will have to check it out in the afternoon some time, once I am awake and the ole eyeballs are acclimatized.

Skin Man said...

Had no idea....will have to swing by.Loved the review btw! 5 stars - would read again

Anonymous said...

I hope they will be putting departure info down there in the future

RonNasty said...

What time did you visit? I've heard that it's packed at noon, so I'm waiting for the new car smell to wear off before heading down.

CJ Smith said...

This was 8 am.

Marymary said...

Oh my gosh I had no idea this was there! I haven't been into Union Station since they started the reno's on the Bay St. side. Looks like some stuff has been done and maybe I should go and have a lookie loo!