Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GO gets serious about you punks who park how you want to

GO can't use the word "punk" in their email communication but I sure can.

Before you roll your eyes and think, good Christ, not another CJ rant about parking donkeys, just hear me out.

Just like how you can pound out an email to me on your smartphone crying crocodile tears about how you park where you want to because you have no other way to get to work, or your station doesn't have enough spots, or you're late coz your kid barfed on you, or you have too many lights on your way to the station, etc., I can pound out a post on my Blackberry and tell you all to stuff it. You're no more important than me and if I can follow the rules, so can you.

At Oshawa, where I park, if you can get a spot past 8:30 am, count your lucky stars and kiss the ground. If you can't? Drive to Whitby. Plan ahead.

I think most people should know by now what their lots look like at certain times. Whitby has a parking garage that is not at capacity. Of course, we've all been warned by another TCT reader that it's nothing more than a slalom course but at least there's parking! If it's really bad, you can try taking an earlier train. Next year, I will be taking the GO Bus to the station. Double whammy. The material for this site is sure to be never-ending.

Anyhoo, GO has this special, important message for you donkeys. Again, they've made the idle threat of towing, something I've yet to witness, but none the less, it could happen. Or, someone damages your car out of frustration.

Are you curious about how the driver got the hole smashed into his rear bumper?

Me too!

Here's the story how I imagine it:

The End.


Unknown said...

My ears perked up at no paRking spots past 830 at Oshawa Cranberries (c.r.a.p.) I was going in late tomorrow

Anonymous said...

holly, there is usually a bit of parking available in the north west area of the oshawa lot. i see it daily while on the bus. try this area, it's a bit of a walk to the platform but you should get a spot, even at 8:30.

C.J. Smith said...

I've taken the 8:38 am train from Oshawa a few times and often managed to procure the last possible spot. It's very slim pickings after 8:30 but if luck is on your side, you might get something.
It doesn't hurt to show up before the 8:25 am train.

Anonymous said...

Parking in Oshawa is a bitch. I love the people that park over the line so you can't use the next spot. I especially love the people that damage your vehicle and don't leave any kind of note or anything. Maybe they would like a $700.00 bill to replace a side mirror!

Jen said...

Parking at all the stations is a bitch. I shudder to see how the Ajax one will work in the winter with the North lot closed and the south lot full of illegally parked cars.

I wish GO would actually start towing these cars. Maybe people will actually learn something about consquences.

Donna said...

Speaking of carpooling, are there carpool parking spots in Whitby? I read somewhere that there are. and if so, why the HELL arent there any in Ajax??? we need them now with the north lot closed. I agree with Jen, I can only imagine what a nightmare it's going to be in the winter. and we have to put up with this for at least 2 years. In fact, I even applied for a paid parking spot. too bad Im #23 on the waiting list :(

Since school started Ive been arriving about 10 minutes early. But I can still park in the first south lot. Come winter it might be a different story.

Does anyone know what time the first south lot fills up at Ajax station? I generally catch the 7:15 train so Im there pretty early, but figured the lot probably fills up by 7:30ish maybe 8:00 at the latest.

Jen said...

@Donna, I normally catch the 6.41 and there are tons of parking left in the first South lot. A couple of weeks ago, I caught the 7.15 and there was about the same number of empty spots as this morning.

Personally, I plan on digging out these clips for the bottom of my boots and if it is pretty bad this winter, I will start walking. I would prefer that to dealing with the nightmare that will ensue. Or catch the bus in the morning and walk home in the evening when there isn't as much of a deadline.

Donna said...

ya I figure the bus is an option as well. It is way too far a walk for me as I live in South Ajax down off Pickering Beach road. I hit the gym most days after work which makes taking the bus home a pain but if worse comes to worse that is what I will do come winter if it gets too crazy.

lswgirl13 said...

TONS of room at Appleby, no matter the time of day you can always find a space.

Skin Man said...

Aldershot parking is plentiful....sadly with additional parking recently added.

Hey CJ, perhaps another poll topic, abit complex but how about: what station do you park at and is there parking by 8:30am? or something like that?

Bicky said...

@Donna - The carpool spots are on a trial basis at Whitby and some other stations (can't remember them right now and too lazy to look it up). They'll evaluate at the end of six months to see if it was successful.

Anonymous said...

To the smartass suggesting that drivers go to Whitby and "plan ahead," I should think that GO and the City of Oshawa should have planned ahead when dumping a mass of new development in the North end without providing adequate public transportation to get these people to work. Or did they think there were jobs in Oshawa?

Anonymous said...

I had a whole paragraph written out, but this blog isn't really mobile friendly.

Oshawa station- GO should have all-day GO shuttle, not only in the rush hours to the mall, so that people can park there and pay the 65 cents cofair, than risking getting toed. Or a parking structure should be built in the summer, when its a bit emptier.