Monday, August 20, 2012

Ripped from Tumblr

“So broke that I pleaded with Dad to borrow his bike so I could ride to the Clarkson GO train station so I wouldn’t have to spend money on the bus to get there ‘cause I wanted to go to Toronto to see a show. Anyway, when I got back from Toronto some fucking asshole had stripped the bike. I had to ride home with no fucking bike seat for like 12 kilometers. It fucking sucked so badly. My legs were aching. I tried to ride a bit on where the bike seat was but it hurt like it was going to tear off my asshole. I was literally riding on a sharp hole like a fucking moron. Even worse is that I’m going to have to replace the fucking odometer thing, the seat, the horn things, etc. Shit’s expensive and it’ll probably take weeks of worth to come up with the cash. So, in trying to save like $3.50 it probably cost me a brown note. Dad’s always like, “you gotta value things, take care of them”. Once I brought the bike back dirty and he was like, “I leant you this clean, you brought it back dirty???’ and he made me detail it like it was a Ferrari. So, when I bring this shit backed stripped, he’s gonna fucking kick my teeth in then I’ll have to rollerblade everywhere.”

Credit: benpobjoy1981


Shirker said...

This is even funnier if the "kid" is 31 years old, as his moniker suggests.

Subliminal said...

OP has got a Dad?
Dude, you already won the lottery!
Cash that ticket, buy your own bike and, troll another blog cuz I ain't puttin' a nickel in your cup.