Friday, August 31, 2012

That's not my purse...

The 7:53 OSH-UNION train was 21 minutes late this morning. People who had shown up for the 8:25 train, hopped on the 7:53 resulting in a rather crowded ride in.

Just before Whitby, the woman sitting beside me excused herself, left her purse on her seat and went upstairs.

The doors opened at Whitby and a woman asked if she could sit where the purse was. I said it wasn't mine and that its owner had gone upstairs. She gave me a look. Then she puffed out her cheeks and rolled her eyes which pissed me off. The hell, right?

Next, we pull into Ajax. Purse owner is AWOL. Ajax passengers begin filling the coach as they funnel through the train cars and two people ask to sit next to me. Again, I explain that it's not my purse.

People are frustrated. I'm not happy that a stranger has put me in this position.

At Pickering, this elderly couple climbs on. I've had about enough of the stares and disapproving looks from passengers who think I'm bag riding, so I stood up, grabbed the woman's purse and offered both seats to the elderly couple. They sit down. I stand. I'm holding the stranger's purse and my bag. One woman who was sitting gave me a smirk and a shake of her head. I wanted to punt this woman's purse across the coach. From other passengers' perspective me standing there holding the bag looks like an admission of guilt.

As we move past Danforth, I decide to go upstairs and find this donkey.

Walking up, I search through the crowd and try to remember what she was wearing. I hold the purse above my head and look around. People look up. Some stare. I climb down the back set of stairs.

At Union, the train empties and I'm standing near the doors holding this fucking bag. The train is 2 minutes away from moving onto Exhibition and I decide it's time to toss the purse back onto the seat where she originally put it. As I move towards the seat, purse lady comes down the stairs. She sees me holding her purse. I ask her where she went. She said she'd gone to talk to her husband. I said I went looking for her because I vacated my seat and gave her seat to an elderly couple. I told her I didn't see her upstairs. She says she was in another coach.


We both exit the train and are now standing on the platform and I explain to her how rude it was to do what she did. She tells me she didn't ask me to watch her purse. Swear to God ... I wanted to kick her.

What do you say to people like this?

I'm too nice. That's my problem. I should have just tossed her bag onto the floor and ignored it.


Al said...

Way to nice,
the first person who came up should have moved it and sat thier ass down,

Squiggles said...

Way too nice. I would have gotten up between stops and stashed it under a seat that had no one in.

Maybe that would teach her a lesson.

But when a purse contains pretty much everything to ruin a person's life (especially financially) why would you leave it unattended for an ENTIRE trip?

cncndr said...

Irresponsibility, people expect too much from the next person to carry their own weight. This woman is very lucky that no one took off with her personal belongings.

Anonymous said...

This lady probably had photographic memory so if you didn't do what you did and the purse disappeared, she'd know exactly what you look like and you'd be having to explain all this to the police.

It was a no win situation and of course the one doing something honourable gets left in an awkward position.

Leesa Barnes said...

What would've really taught this degenerate a lesson is if after she said "I didn't ask you to watch my purse," you tossed it into a nearby train just as it was closing its doors. Now that would've been epic. Wait...does anyone use the word epic anymore?

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience on the Georgetown line. I was on the inside seat of the two seater (beside the washroom on the 2nd Level) and someone sat down for a minute beside me with a suitcase. Then they left, I didn't pay attention whereabouts. So the train proceeds and I close my eyes with my earbuds plugged in, and after 4-5 minutes I get tapped on the shoulder by someone just boarding if they can sit there, I said the suitcase isn't mine but if you want to move it be my guest. The owner didn't return before I detrained 30 minutes later.

deepfish said...

Hate to say this, but an untended suitcase or purse MAY be a security risk. Call the CSA next time...

Mark Dowling said...

Agree with deepfish. See something say something, right?

Explain it to the CSA or the cops, donkey.

Anonymous said...

In my years of taking the GO Train, a CSA is reluctant to get involved in most incidents, unless it is a medical emergency..

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this one since you posted it CJ, and the only sane answer I can come up with is giving to the CSA, closest thing to a lost and found as possible.

calvinhc said...

Maybe it is just me, but I would have acted in a way that would make me look real nice while being a real shit.

The first person to ask if they could sit where the bag was would have me respond by saying that it was not my bag, but I would get up and offer them my seat.

I would look so nice for doing that, but it would transfer the burden of being asked about the bag seat to the newcomer! ;-)

Vanessa said...

That twatwaffle is lucky nobody stole her bag.

Equivalent to students leaving their laptops in the library, going to the washroom and coming back to discover it has been stolen. No shit, Sherlock!