Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bicycle douche

From AL:

So I'm on the 21:43 LSW heading home (west). It's relatively empty.

This guy comes on with his bike. Leaves it at the trio of seats at the door. Comes into the middle of the car with full winter gear, takes off his giant Goretex coat, plops down and puts his slushy wet shoes up.

I'm alone in the car with this guy and while I could take him in hand-to-hand combat, it's been a long day and I just want to passive-aggressive his ass. Hence the pic.

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deepfish said...

How dare you get all passive aggressive on his poor ass? Doncha know he is a bicyclist and therefore a morally superior creature and therefore above all reproach? As one of the select-elect cyclists once put it to me after nearly running me down on the sidewalk I pay taxes, get outta my way." And right she was - she had a perfect power to run me down as she saw fit - being a cyclist - and an added right due to the fact that she deigned to pay taxes at all... If this guy was getting off at Oakville he would, in addition to having a Divine Right as a Cyclist, have the added benefit of having a claim to an Oakville Endless Entitlement... So grovel and beg forgiveness before the awsomeness that is Cycle!