Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh yes, people who do this are douchebags

This was the only spot left at Rouge Hill GO Station this morning according to a reader.
I can understand why no one tried to park there, but me? I would have backed my car in as close to that Cadillac as I could, so that its running boards were practically kissing my paint, and exited through my back lift gate.

I totally would have done it. Of course, this means that the car you see on the right would have resulted in its driver having to climb in through the passenger side but I would have left a note and maybe a ten-spot.

People suck. No doubt about it.


Bicky said...

The epidemic known as "Class A Douche-baggery" is running as rampant as the flu these days. *smh*

Anonymous said...

At first I thought it was Mayor Ford's SUV. Oh wait! He doesn't use public transit.

calvinhc said...

I would have backed my vehicle into that spot - I only need 1cm clearance between me and the vehicle on the left.

There would be no problem for the vehicle on the right - the left vehicle is only encroaching on the empty spot by the normal space that would usually be there for most vehicles, leaving plenty of room for myself and the car on the right!