Monday, March 4, 2013

First it was catalytic converters and now it's pick-up truck tailgates

I had the antenna of my Chevrolet Equinox stolen at the Oshawa GO station the summer of 2011 and gas siphoned from my tank the summer of 2009, but all that pales in comparison to what happened to one GO patron at the Bradford GO station last Wednesday.
Just over two years ago, GO patrons were advised to be weary of people targeting vehicles parked at east GTA GO stations for catalytic converters, now thieves are trolling for pick-up truck tailgates in the north.

Bees writes:

Hi Cindy,

Wondered if you might put the word out that someone has been shopping in the Bradford GO train parking lot - for tailgates. Yep, mine was stolen off my Ford F150 Lariat pickup on Wed. Feb 27. Not sure if it was locked or not - likely not, unfortunately, but the lock mechanism can be punched out pretty easily, apparently. My  research indicates that tailgate theft is a lucrative market - easy to steal (in about 30 seconds - see this youtube clip and is expensive to replace - about $1500 if you go through legitimate means.
I had no idea my tailgate could be a target! I'm a country girl who loves her truck and this made me pretty sad (and ticked off, of course). I see lots of other gorgeous and expensive pickup trucks regularly parked at the Bradford station and want to warn others. Truck owners should make sure they lock up the tailgate - the remote might not do it - mine required the key - and a further measure is to back into spaces up to other cars or walls, fences, etc. so the thieves can't get at the tailgate.

This incident was reported to GO and they're checking the security camera tapes.

This is pretty shitty. Bastards! Right?

Here's the video. Protect your trucks, peeps.


Anonymous said...

And this is why we can't have nice things.

TT said...

You can probably buy it back on Craigslist.