Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ok everybody! Remain calm! Mission accomplished. After all that, electrical fire extinguishes itself on LSE express train

From 680 news via RW:

An electrical fire broke out on the 5:53 p.m. on the Lakeshore East GO train on Thursday, March 14, 2013.
After a 680News listener named John punched the fire extinguisher case several times without success, he kicked it about four times before breaking the case.


Bicky said...

"According to GO, the fire was caused by a commuter pouring their coffee into the electrical equipment."

I'm assuming they have visual evidence of this. That's quite an accusation to make.

Although, given the attitude and actions of some people lately, it wouldn't surprise me.

TomW said...

Quote: "They’re behind a barrier on purpose. It has to be durable, safe and accessible. Otherwise they might fall on people’s heads or people could knock them over on a busy train"
That's why there's a strap - the 'glass' barrier is not holding the extinguisher in place.

Anonymous said...

GO could have said "accidentally pouring their coffee"...

Al said...

I am wondering if they guy pulled the strip out first?

there is a littel ring which is connected to a rubber seal around the window case the extiguisher sits in,

Ill bet he just tried to pull open the door without removing the strip first.
Just a hunch.

Taz said...

Same thing happened for me. Electrical fire in my own coach, almost broke knuckles getting xtnguishr out, Door guy had no flashlight. I had two. Needed 3 tries to cut pwr & lock out doors. Not impressed.