Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And if the six feet of water wasn't enough on the Richmond Hill GO train, this little guy showed up to join the rescue effort last night

Photo from @khaterehsepehrv

YEP. That pretty much sums it up.


Unknown said...

Samuel Jacksons next movie? Snakes on a Mother f-cking GO Train.

Bicky said...

I do believe if I saw that on a train, my feet would be on the seats.

George said...

All that fear over a common garter snake. If I was there I would have grabbed it and shown the other passengers. Watching them scatter in fear through water soaked with who-knows-what might have been fun.

It wasn't a rattler folks, it was a common, garden variety snake you can find anywhere where there's water.

Grow up FFS.

KBear said...

I have a phobia. I couldn't even look at the pic so i skipped to the comments. I would have flipped out and freaked everyone else out unfortunately. Its irrational but uncontrollable. I dont care what kind. I cant do it.