Monday, July 15, 2013

You know what today is, right?


So shut the hell up on on the train ride home tonight.

I'm done here.


George said...

My ride in this morning...a woman in a quad a few over from mine apparently lost her signal strength and shouted "CAN YOU HEAR ME??????" to her phone six or eight times in a row before deciding to announce to the entire level that her cell provider sucks.

She then decided to make sure the other person can hear her when her phone rang again by doing the Spinal Tap routine. (look it up)

Her daughter dresses sloppily. I now know that and I can describe exactly what she wore to work this morning.

Anonymous said...

No one on the Kitchener train is paying any attention to it. And the keep announcing that the "quiet zone is in effect" without saying what that actually means.

Squiggles said...

I got to tell a woman to shut up this morning! Best part of the day!

Of course, she enters the coach and sits down, after the train has started moving and the announcement made. Talking on her cell phone so loudly that I could hear the profanity-laced tirade 5 quads away. No one needs to hear that the f'in pills messed with your f'in stomach at 6.45am.

Made the finger over the lips motion around Rouge Hill, when she finally looked up and around, mostly to see if she is making an impact. After that, complete silence.

It was glorious.