Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rode a DD this morning

Didn't like it.

There are LCD monitors inside the bus. Why is there no entertainment? I had to stare at the GO Transit logo for the entire ride.


At they very least, they could have this video on loop or any one of these videos. Christ, I could listen to Richard talk about how much he loves being a CSA all damn day.


Sorry for the glare but the glare is where the monitors are.

Secondly, the seats are terrible. There is no cushioned comfort. You don't sink into these things like you would into a giant marshmallow like the regular GO buses. Nothing reclines. There's no bungy basket in front of you to put your shit in and worse, WORSE, is that if you want to turn on the overhead light, YOU HAVE TO STAND THE HELL UP.

At this point, if I had an abuela, she'd be crossing herself and changing the channel. She'd be so done with this mess.

There is no way in hell I could stand more than 30 minutes on one of these things. The top level gave me vertigo when the driver rounded the corner of the bus loop into the GO Station, so I won't be sitting up there any time soon. I almost tasted my breakfast again.


These things can go right back to Scotland for all I care.

I'm calling them Ghetto Sleds from now on.


Squiggles said...

I haven't been on them, but based on the pictures, I really don't want to. Also, please forgive my ignorance, but is there really enough passengers outside of rush hour to warrant these monstrosities? I ask because I was driving home last Tuesday midday and saw one of them in Bowmanville. I would have thought that it would be a waste of resources (aka gas) to power something that may only be 1/4 full.

Now, the new Pulse 900 buses are NICE. (Not too) Squishy seats with high backs make for a very comfortable ride. Maybe the two companies should talk and come to some sort of deal to merge the 2 designs?

Harith said...

I did the double deckers one summer from Niagara Falls to Burlington. Worst bus ever for commutes.

Machu Pichu said...

They are using them on the Bowmanville route because they are too high to go on the busy routes such as Union Station. They can also be used to carry cattle in the country side due to them being low floor. What a farce!

Dot said...

We took some DD buses on a vacation trip from Burlington to Niagara last June. The first bus got really full so they announced that passengers going express to Niagara could get on the bus in front. A few stops into our trip my sister needed some medical supplies (we didn't know that the driver packed our cart and suitcase in the cargo hold). Her need was urgent so the driver stopped the bus and opened the door - then he couldn't get it closed again!! He had to send for another bus, which took about an hour. Lesson learned: carry medical supplies on your person!!