Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The wheels on the bus go "Nope, won't have none of your shit today"

This morning a woman tried to wrestle onto the GO bus what was the largest suitcase I've ever seen in my whole damn life. It wasn't gonna happen. The bus was full of students with backpacks nicely snuggled next to each of them and all of them pretending to be asleep - oblivious to her plight.

The driver got off to open the cargo doors for her suitcase but she declared she wasn't putting it in the cargo bay. It was riding with her. The only problem was that it had to be placed in the aisle and it took up the width of the aisle.

The driver wasn't arguing with her and for this, I was impressed. It wasn't his problem. It was her problem. She pushed her boulder to the back of the bus and made a student move his backpack so she could sit.

I pulled out my emergency bag of popcorn, waiting anxiously for the checkpoint where all the students get off to make their way onto other buses for university and college and when I figured the show would start.

When we got to the corner where all the students get off, she got up to let the kid next to her out and then sat down in the window seat and pretended like she had no idea there was this small line of seven people waiting for her to move her suitcase so they could exit the bus. She ignored them all.

One by one they hopped over the suitcase with several of them making some choice (and vulgar) remarks. She remained poker face.

Once everyone was off, she got up and pushed her boulder further to the back of the bus and she stayed there with a satisfied smile on her face.

Clearly, she felt she was winning at something.


Fusk said...

I really do hate everybody.

Peter said...

"It wasn't his problem. It was her problem." And her problem became the problem of everyone behind her seat. Sorry, I have to fault the driver on this one. No one is allowed to leave their crap in the aisle. I've seen a lot of junk on The Suitcase Route (#12), and no driver down here would have allowed the "boulder" on board a MCI bus. Some drivers and their supervisors are too accommodating -- to the detriment of everyone on the bus.

Bicky said...

Winning at being a first class cow... good grief. It's crap like this and people like her that make me wish the Earth was flat and I could kick her sorry ass off the edge.

Wow, where did that come from?

C.J. Smith said...

Honestly, I just wanted to get to the station. I was glad the driver didn't make a case about it. But if she was trying to make a point to the student bag riders who HOG all the seats EVERY morning, she made it.
It's not the best way to make one but I'm pretty sure there was nothing in that suitcase.
I'm sure the driver was in on it, too.

MATT said...

PLEASEpleasepleaseplease -sweetchristmasbabyJesus! PLEASE...You will be a legend if you:

1. Set your phone to record video

2. Get on the bus with all of the "sleeping" bag-riding students.

3. Ring a bell, blow an airhorn, get a megaphone, etc.

4. Announce "Attention passengers: This is Courtesy Enforcement (the irony of the air horn/bell needs to be immediate, and will be totally lost on all of the bag-riders anyway). Your bags are not entitled to a seat on the bus. If you do not move your bags, I may move them for you to a less desireable location, such as the sidewalk. You may follow your bag to such a location if you so choose; leaving bags where they currently are is done at your own peril." (or something to that effect.

5. Post the video on Youtube.

You will likely have a few of them move their shit, but ALL will now be awake, keeping a watchful eye on their bag, so their "pretending to sleep" charade will no longer work.

I beg of you. I BEG, dammit. You're the only one I know with big enough balls to pull this off. I talk a good game myself, but in reality I'd be laughing halfway through this type of speech.

Anonymous said...

People's sense of entitlement blows my fucking mind....

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure blocking an aisle on a bus is a safety issue too, regardless of her point.

Anonymous said...

I would have walked on her suitcase to get past it. Or picked it up, and carried it with me off the bus and left it on the curb out of the way for her to go grab it.

Michael Suddard said...

If only one of those students was a member of the university's football team defensive line...

You would see that bag move so fast.