Sunday, October 27, 2013

Not sure if some dude is "presented without comment dude" or if it's just some dude who is mad about me mentioning some dude

When this whole Twitter exchange started this afternoon, I was in the middle of crafting all kinds of foods with pumpkin that I was slow to catch on at first what triggered the first tweet.

I didn't take the picture. It was posted to Instagram - publicly and all nicely hashtagged  - anyone browsing #gotrain, like I do (back to that in a sec), could find it.

I had no idea it it was the "presented without comment post" being referenced. I didn't click the "View Conversation" link before replying. I wasn't clued in that my new Twitter best friend was chatting me up because of that tweet. I just thought it was some person out on pa-troll.

If I had known what had started this exchange, well, I would have gone about it differently. But alas, it is what it is. And as it turns out, I'm not making a difference in this world. That really broke my heart.

Oh and re: "your shady pictures". Sure, I'm throwing some shade *at* the picture but I'm not responsible for the shady picture.

Twitter -- it never disappoints. Instagram -- it *always* delivers. And all this talk of privacy and rights and blah blah blah, while folks are happily snapping pics of themselves and sharing them with all of the interwebs, expecting only positive feedback and high fives when indulging in behaviour others may find rude or questionable, only to protest when that happens, well, it's comedy gold, folks.

But at the same time, we did all hope there would be some kind of reaction. So take this with a grain of salt -- it could be lulz.


Anonymous said...

At least you stood your ground, even if you didn't know what the conversation was first about.
Yes, it is truly heartbreaking that this website makes him angry. Crap, there's this famous quote about that very reaction, how, if something good makes someone mad, you know you're on to something great. Don't stop what you're doing.
Regardless of how we feel about happy drugs, rolling an illegal substance on a public train and then posting it to the internet will cause some people to raise an eyebrow.
Man, can I live in the skewered reality these kids live in? It sounds like a really nice place.

C.J. Smith said...

You mean a place where one is high all the time?
That could be part of the blissful ignorance.
I don't really care that he was rolling, cutting, preparing or conducting inventory. It's the whole the internet isn't private angle these kids don't get. It's mind boggling how they can't make the connection that a) anyone will see it b) people will form an opinion and it may be a negative one.

J. said...

The part where he threatens to back hand you is disturbing. For the record, I'm 18. I'm here because of this on Twitter as it's getting around to certain people but I wanted to tell you that when he wrote that, I was disgusted. He talks about you being low and all that and he's the one who threw that up for all to read. I don't think he understands what satire means. Never been to the site before but it sure makes me want to clean up my Instagram LOL!!!

Squiggles said...

What a twit. Seriously, what has this world come to?

C.J. Smith said...

Butt hurt.

Bicky said...

Ya know, this website would be out of material in a heartbeat if everyone behaved like ladies and gentlemen.

Some parents must be "so proud" to know they've raised ignorant and disgusting donkeys instead of decent people. Maybe they're wringing their hands wondering where they went so wrong.

The solution is simple: if you don't want to be called out on bad behaviour - DON'T DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

George said...

Alex I hope I run into your skateboard when I need a seat. It'll be gone in a flash.

I blame the public school system for douches like Alex. My kids would never be so incredibly dumb to post a picture like that, they actually use their brains for more than a hat holder. Yeah I know the kids smoke it sometimes, but they know discretion, unlike Alex the douche. They are adults and act like adults.

Anonymous said...

Just another idiot kid that's probably going to end up involved in a shooting outside a nightclub at 3am over someone looking at them the wrong way.

And tweeting about it, leading to an arrest by the cops...