Thursday, October 31, 2013


from: Natalie L.
to: CJ Smith
date: Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 12:13 AM
subject: thiscrazytrain

Hi Cindy

Recently I discovered your website when a friend mentioned it on Twitter. Apparently you posted a picture of someone they know from Whitby who had some weed  a train. From this person didn't realize, is that you didn't take the picture and it seems people are getting upset without realizing it was the person's friend who took the photo and put it on instagram. When I explained this, there stuff being said that it was an invasion of privacy and it was even said you should have asked permission to put it on your site or that you should not have put it on your site because it wasn't your picture.
I saw some of the comments and I felt bad for you as you didn't deserve the trash talk you were getting. Also, I have to say I was offended when you made a suggestion that anyone in the picture would be terrible at grammar because that's like saying anyone under 21 sucks at English. But then this was funny at the same time because I could see the effort the person was taking  on Twitter to write proper sentences which can be kinda hard on Twitter because you only get so much space. It is true that lots of friends of mine who are under 19 use a lot of short terms and write badly but it's done pretty much for speed. My mom says it's punctuation is where a lot of teenagers fail miserably. Anyway, as it turns out, both of my parents are lawyers and my dad is a trademark and copyright specialist. He knows a lot about copyright, like with photographs from the internet and he said you didn't do anything wrong when you posted that picture from instagram. I don't know if you were worried but I think it was stupid of anyone to take the photo in the first place and really dumb to put it online, and with the hashtag like you said where anyone could find it.
Anyway, I just wanted to write you and tell you that I also don't like people who put their shoes on the seat or act like they own the whole train or block the doors when I need to get off Whitby and they don't get off until Oshawa. I'm at Ryerson. I take the train just like you do and I think it's good that you call out all the bad stuff people do.

With Regards
Natalie L.

(I will admit, my finger did hover over the delete button because I thought it was another WE MUST DEFEND ALEX AND THE WEED email - Cj)


April said...

I am really glad she emailed you, and took the time to ask her father. Maybe there is hope for the generation.

As I tell my daughters, the interwebs is 4EVA kiddies. Don't post it if you don't want it seen when you are 92.

phanbidge said...

I guess that neither Ryerson nor Nathalie's parents teach spelling or grammar ...