Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Shame about those new seats


Phynesse said...

Go really needs to get serious about foot riders. Fines should be imposed for those caught. I don't know why they choose to ignore the problem.

Unknown said...

The problem is, how far is one prepared to go to make a point. If GO is serious about enforcing "No Feet on Seats", are you prepared that violators be arrested for contravention? What happens when enforcement wants to enforce and violator does not want to give ID or otherwise comply? Are we prepared to see people getting arrested for this violation?

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Hey Chris
I'M prepared to see some pompous overentitled ass get themselves arrested for that.
Is it fair that there are those of us who have to constantly "walk on eggs" while so many other assholes seem to always have some kind of a "free pass"?
Liberty shouldn't be about "I am allowed to do things that would get you messed with in a heartbeat if you try to do something similar yourself".

Fangirl Files said...

Susan, the overly officious, yet loves-her-job CSA on my commute home never fails to say, "Please keep your feet off the seats as a courtesy to other passengers."