Friday, April 1, 2016

Welp, this is a new one. Revenge farting. Something y'all can try on the train maybe?

When a man in Sweden showed up to a woman’s apartment in the pursuit of sex and got denied, he chose to blow off some steam. Literally.

Before exiting the apartment to presumably find someone who will take up his offer, he decided to let out a stinker.

But instead of just taking this odd form of retaliation with stride, the woman saw it as a punishable offense and decided to report it to the police - read the rest of this story!


Unknown said...

Must have been pretty rank.

I am always amazed at those that can deal it on cue.

WhollyKrapp said...

I'm a former spite-farter.
There were so many uppity people on the 5:15 Georgetown that I used to purposely crop dust that train on my way off. I did it as often as possible.

I don't take the GO anymore and I'm a better, more relaxed person for it.