Monday, May 2, 2016

Foot rider's socks give a clear indication of how he feels about GO Transit's etiquette campaign


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Too much "freedom", too many "liberties", too much entitlement.
People always think "freedom" means they can do anything they want and can go anywhere they please---even crowding others out in the process.
No boundaries.

deepfish said...

Kudos for the three seat take-out maneuver. He should go for the four seat trump on his next go around.
...and nary an enforcement drone in sight!

Unknown said...

I wonder if it would help if people were advised that the seat cushions can be removed....although maybe the seat cushions would start to go missing.

Unknown said...

I just took a long haul flight and noticed passengers to my left and right with their shoes off. Their feet were not on any seats but, what with the recycled air and everything I was a little miffed.

Am I being unreasonable...?

C.J. Smith said...