Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Glad I'm no longer a Markham taxpayer because I would never support this - City to spend $5.4M to silence train noise

Markham’s anti-whistle plans are on track, moving full speed ahead, with construction to start next spring.

“It’s good to see progress,” deputy mayor and Regional Couniclllor Jack Heath said during this week’s general committee meeting.

City staff put forward a report outlining work required at each of the 13 road-level rail crossings in the city.

The report lists both mandatory safety upgrades as well as additonal upgrades to comply with anti-whistling guidelines.

The total costs for all 13 rail crossing upgrades is $5.4 million, of which $1.94 million is to be paid for by Metrolinx, $2.2 million by the region and $1.26 million by Markham.

The city is also calling on the region to implement a 24-hour anti-whistling bylaw for regional roads.


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