Monday, September 26, 2016



Unknown said...

The shuttle buses that ran up and down Yonge Street on the weekend didn't have Presto readers. My 16 year old daughter had to walk from King to Wellesley in her new boots because she had no cash. She got a blister and had to walk in bare feet some of the way home. Welcome to the third world!

Presto is supposed to be fully installed on the TTC by the end of the year. I hope that they will offer free rides for any missing/broken parts of the system.

deepfish said...

Third World is right.
They had the equivalent of Presto tech 25 years ago in Seoul Korea. Prepaid cards that could be used on local and express buses, trains and subways.

Rory said...

Presto is just the latest example of how government in Ontario is constantly behind the curve. As others have pointed out, these types of systems have been in service else where for decades and don't seem to have the problems that Presto is having.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaah POOR TTC riders. I don't recall GO giving us a choice when they decided to stop 10 ride and monthly pass options.
And we've when stuck using it now for HOW many years? Problems with the machines are not going away. It'll just get more newsworthy because it's effecting TTC riders.