Friday, September 2, 2016

Fan Expo attendees openly carrying replica rifles and weapons create headache for Toronto police on TTC and GO Transit

Y'all saw yesterday's post where a Lakeshore West train was surrounded by police, with weapons drawn, after reports of a man with a rifle was on-board a GO train just shortly after 10 am.

The incident scared the crap out of passengers and had me on high alert. I tried to get answers yesterday afternoon and was met with boilerplate responses from Metrolinx that the situation was under control. That's great. BUT WHAT HAPPENED?

Turns out the passenger was carrying a fake weapon as part of his costume (which I have confirmed he was *not* wearing) for Fan Expo, a comic convention currently happening in downtown Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre.

Police don't discourage people from alerting authorities if they are unsure if a weapon is real. Here's a good idea though, don't be so stupid to carry something, in this global climate, onto public transit that looks real enough to cause a SWAT team to show up.


More on this incident here.


Rory said...

People are morons. If you are carrying a realistic looking replica gun as part of a costume keep it out of sight when out and about in public. People, including the police, won't be able to tell the difference between it and a real gun.

Bicky said...

I wanna get back on my cruise ship! I have to read back to see what else I missed this past week.

Unknown said...

The cops should have wielded their light sabres if they wanted to make it a fair fight.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

When it comes to telling the difference between the real thing and a facsimile those-in-charge are getting less and less discerning.