Thursday, December 22, 2016

Late to the ball ... I'd rather come late then not come at all -- Metrolinx launches public education campaign, new logo

This campaign was released on November 9th, before the damning auditor general's report earlier this month. It must have put a real damper on the expected outcome.

Called, "Let's Get Moving", the video spends a lot of time focusing on a transit agency that is the ONLY regional transit agency in the area it services. It continues to boggle my mind why so much marketing money is spent on a rail and bus service that is the only option for customers commuting in from the suburbs. It's like the LCBO. Where the hell else am I going to buy my liquor? My rum, vodka, amaretto, etc...? Anyway, I've lost my trail of thought here. The ad is "a typical day in the life of various Metrolinx services, such as Go Transit and the Union-Pearson Express". Really? I see a few other transit agencies in this video that receive no oversight from Metrolinx, other than they all use a fare card system wholly-owned by Metrolinx. A flawed system that remains nothing to brag about.

It's absurd.

The facebook comments show people aren't buying it.

I also noticed that in early December, Metrolinx quietly rebranded itself. 

The old styled M in a circle with paths connecting to it is slowly being replaced.

Metrolinx has opted for a white wordmark on a black background. I like it. Not sure what it means but graphically it's clean and neat.

How much did this cost? Nothing. It was done in-house.


Unknown said...

My guess? Too much.

Considering how they can't piss money away fast enough.

C.J. Smith said...

Got confirmation it was done in house.

Robert said...

I am glad it cost nothing because that is about what it is worth. The old one had Green on white with those two quarter circles of what ever colour that is that isn't green or white. I can distinguish all colours but I see them differently.

The old logo sort of conveyed the idea of motion and connectivity. What the hell does white block lettering on a black background indicate, a death notice.

It is about time Metrolinx dies and we go back to just plain GO transit without the vast numbers of Presidents, vice presidents, assistants to the vice presidents etc.

Let Greg Percy run the whole show because he at least knows how trains work unlike some of the recent hires at MetroStinks.

gmcnewlook said...

Lol....I call it metrodinks..........

Unknown said...

hate it. looks like it was made in 2 minutes in MS paint