Friday, December 2, 2016

Yesterday's Anniversary tweet & post about the Burlington GO Station must have rattled some cages. This email went out today to passengers subscribed to Burlington GO Station updates

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: "GO Transit" <>
Date: Dec 2, 2016 12:00 PM
Subject: Burlington GO Station Improvements

Burlington Customers: As work continues at Burlington GO Station, we are committed to providing you with regular updates on the improvements we're making.
Access to west tunnel, west waiting area and washrooms are already open and temporary heating will be installed soon as we continue to finish the in-floor heating system.
Increasing accessibility and providing more ways to get around the station are our priority of improvements to deliver to you. Next you'll have the option of using a new elevator and east tunnel, meaning shorter walks from the south side. The roof work is also progressing well as we add water proofing and insulation.
The ticket booth is almost ready. We are waiting on glass panels to be manufactured and delivered. Once installed, we can start the IT work required and open the ticket booth in the station building.

Thank you for your patience. We know that construction continues to take longer than expected and that it will continue into 2017. We are conducting daily check-ins, progress reports, and regular site-visits to ensure that the contractor is building the station that meets our high standards for customers.


C.J. Smith said...

Please note this is coming from a company where "high standards" resulted in a bridge truss being installed upside down.

I guarantee you there will be full-on birthday cake this time next year...

Unknown said...

"temporary heating will be installed soon" - It's December. It will only get colder from here. This is unacceptable.

"The ticket booth is almost ready" - How do they expect people to purchase their astronomical fares?

What a boondoogle and this is, once again, lip service.

I wish that there will be a riot when they announce the fare increase next year. Because we ALL know it is happening, regardless of all the crap that has gone on. Especially since they are paying for work to not be done.

Harry said...

as a burlington passenger this email is fucking insulting
stop thanking us for our patience

weeks! weeks I'd come and go and you wouldn't see a worker in sight.
someone told me if Metrolinx was in the private sector, this station would have been done in a year. The problem is the people in charge don't make millions of dollars a year in salaries and bonuses. They are not even accountable to shareholders. It doesn't seem to fucking matter they are accountable to Ontario taxpayers.

No one at Metrolinx gives a shit. Our premier certainly doesn't care either. This whole province is going to be painted blue real soon.

Michael Suddard said...

As heard in Ottawa on the radio this morning:

Metrolinx now spends 1 in 7 of the Province's Capital dollars.

Think about it.

C.J. Smith said...

A PC government is not going to be able to fix Metrolinx in a 4 year term.

Anonymous said...

Sure they can. Scrap it.

Skin Man said...

What anon said! Actually, it wouldn't have to be scraped. Just take a more common sense approach. Something the Fiberals couldn't be further from.

WarningU2 said...

Thank you for talking about this. It has been amazing to me that this fallacy of a construction project has attracted so little attention. Already 2 years over due and several million dollars cost overrun, it is likely not going to be completed until next summer despite multiple promises of completion this past summer and the year before that. It has really turned into the joke of Burlington. The Metroleaks email is nothing more than lip service. I have watched this disaster unfold from the beginning. Weeks and months would go by with no more than 3 or 4 people onsite. Simply moving a lift into position would take 10 minutes and then only one nail would be shot in a stud. Recently there has been a renewed activity with at least 8 people onsite working but they are still months from completion. The roof has remained half done for nearly 2 years. Sadly, the worst is the temporary washroom facilities in the North parking lot that now rival the worst hell hole of Calcutta. The stench from this honeypot would make fly's eyes water in the summer. I expect to retire before the joke of Burlington is finished.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

Remember, people: This is YOUR society in action. This is another example of how much YOUR society values you as an individual person.

Anonymous said...

Remember when we joked around that the condo building next door to the station would be completed before the station. The joke's not so funny now.

And I'm sorry but you can't say a station without heat, a ticket booth, an elevator and a goddamned roof is 90% complete.

Tal Hartsfeld said...

You can say it, but you can't prove it.

WarningU2 said...

@Anonymous ... yep sad but true re condo construction being done at the same time or even prior to go station. I think they (the condo) will likely be finished by the summer at the rate they are going. Will the go station be completely done by then ... ? That's the 10 million dollar question. I doubt it.

Ed said...

By the time Burlington is finished, it'll be time to refurbish.

Welcome to the seventh ring of hell Burlington commuters.