Tuesday, January 31, 2017

GO Transit customer wants Metrolinx to stop promising and finish the work with Burlington GO Station

As y'all know, back in December, the media, this website, Twitter folk and GO Transit customers rattled some cages demanding answers why the Burlington project is entering year five of an estimated three year construction project. For a two week period over Christmas, there was a flurry of activity at Burlington.

Now it appears that progress is right back where it was before - barely there, complete with outdated notices.

Requesting to remain anonymous, a passenger wrote into this website yesterday, stating:

"As you probably know by now construction at the Burlington Station has been disappointing at best.  As a result I thought I would send a couple of pictures to update your readers on the latest Burlington Station fail.

Picture #1 is a notice from May 2016 which is still posted at Burlington Station.  The notice clearly states that all construction will be complete by year end.  Of course I’m assuming they meant year end 2016 but I could be wrong…you know what they say about people who assume.

That said picture #2 is a picture of the roof of Burlington Station that I took at 7:00am on Monday January 30, 2017.  As you can see by the picture the roof is still not complete.  I’m sure I could have walked around the facility and taken several more pictures of incomplete construction work, but I think this one picture says enough.

 Time to stop promising, and actually get it done."

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Unknown said...

I am not surprised with this. A lot of the flurry that came out at the end of the year had to do with the damning Auditor General's report. That is the only reason. Now that it has subsided, there is nothing to spur on the construction and it will be completed at some point AFTER Union station revamp is completed.

As a sidenote: the construction of the pedestrian bridge at Ajax is still ongoing. That has taken at least 2 years now. I think I saw 2 people working on it a few weeks ago. It could have just been 1 person heading home for all I know or 2 discussing what is happening. Just after the report, a huge sign went up saying which company was doing the "work". But it shouldn't take that long to put in 1 bridge.